PC SPES for Women with Breast Cancer

2/02 CURRENTLY AN FDA WARNING. PC-SPES and SPES are under a hold from FDA due to medical ingredient contamination. The company has recalled all product.

A Report from M:

I just talked to Sophie Chen myself and this is what she said: a)postmenopausal can take SPES, but if they are ER positive, it might be better not to take it. b) if pre- and postmenopausal women have the mutation p53 and are ER negative, it MIGHT be OK for them to take it. c) SPES consists of Chinese medicines: half of them are phytoestrogen compounds and half of them are immune stimulating herbs d) PC SPES (used for prostate cancer) is made up of all phytoestrogens and some doctors are even using PC SPES on older women who have breast cancer and even some younger women??!! e) she said that inititally she had not recommended SPES for breast cancer, but that new studies are indicating some promise. These must be the studies that LEF(Life Extension Foundation-see a link) are quoting. She did say, however, that they do not know exactly for which women it would work well or not.

So there you have it. To take it or not to take it, that is the question!

Ann'S NOTE" PC SPES is an herbal combination that has shown some efficacy (effectiveness) with men and prostate cancer. It was designed for that purpose. Dr. Chen is said to be working on a product for women with breast or ovarian cancer.

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