Skewed X chromosome:Ova/Breast

ABSTRACT: High frequency of skewed X inactivation in young breast cancer patients

Introduction: Patients with invasive ovarian cancer were recently shown to have a higher frequency of skewed X chromosome inactivation in peripheral blood cells compared to patients with borderline cancer and controls. In this study, we analysed the X inactivation pattern in peripheral blood from 216 breast cancer patients.

Conclusions: A germline mutation in an X linked tumour suppressor gene may give a proliferative advantage to cells with this mutation on the active X chromosome, thus causing skewed X inactivation and an increased risk for developing cancer.

Another possible explanation could be that females with a constitutionally skewed X inactivation pattern are more susceptible to develop breast cancer because of an X linked low penetrance susceptibility allele that is affected by the inactivation pattern.

[02/07/2002; Journal of Medical Genetics]

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