What Arlene J. and her husband Ken did to fight cancer

(from a talk in 1995)

Ken and Arlene J came to talk about their results in treating her cancer with alternative means. We had the opportunity to ask lots of questions. She had large tumors in her pelvic and groin area with lung and other metastases. She currently has a small, soft tumor in her groin and is not fully cancer free. She has taken 40 months of high dose chemotherapy and suffered congestive heart failure, which they say has been reversed since they started their new program.

A lot of material was covered. Ken explained that he had learned what to do through researching tons of material*. Arlene spoke about her regimen of supplements, enemas, vegetarian meals, etc. All of what they do is still evolving. They work with blood tests to see how she responds to each new treatment.

Ken said that most cancer patients have sluggish thyroids and congested livers. Detoxification of the liver was recommended. They followed a very specific detox program. There is information on this at the Share office(in our book). Volunteer is needed to set up the book with more sections.

Enzymes were spoken of as being critically important. Bromelian was mentioned(dosage 1600-2000 GDU). N-Zimes and Inflazyme Forty and Wobenzyme(from Germany) are products with enzymes. He mentioned Wilner Chemists at Park Avenue and 41st Street as a good resource (less expensive than health food stores). Ken did offer to supply us with the 800 numbers for his drug resources. Only raw foods provide natural enzymes(any cooking destroys them and supplements are needed). Their are formulas for vegetarians and many for non-vegetarians since animal pancreas material is usually used. Ken suggests using ones with Australian or Brazilian beef only.

Arlene also takes shark cartilage. Ken found the studies very reassuring. The product is now in stage III trials. One gram is needed for every 2 pounds of body weight.

Flax seed oil with cottage cheese-Dr. Joanna Budwig's program is recommended. Arlene has it for lunch with Coenzyme Q10 sprinkled on top. There is sulphur in cottage cheese that is apparently needed. 2 tablespoons oil per 1/2 cup of raw organic cottage cheese.

Dr. Bruss who worked in Switzerland had a 77% 'cure rate' using a juicing program from his clinic's organic gardens:55% beet, 20% carrot, 20% celery root, 3% potato and 2% radish. Beet has shown strong anti-cancer properties, and seems to help cleanse the gall bladder and liver.

Arlene also takes several herbal teas including chaparral , burdock and red clover. They mix their own blends.

Arlene had been on high dose Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene. Ken stated that if you got a headache from Vitamin A, that indicated the need to lower your dosage(but no permanent damage occurs).

They use all the supplements for 14 days then lay off for 5 days.

Some companies whose products he would recommend include:American Biologics, Allergy Research, Cardiovascular Research. L& H, a mail order house in our area was mentioned as a source for these products. Whole Foods and Healthy Pleasures(health food stores in Manhattan) also carry these brands.

It is important for all of us to note that alternative treatments are very individualized. Arlene and Ken are experimenting with the correct combinations for her specific situation. All of us must evaluate where we are at in the cancer cycle and work with that. Arlene told me that she arises at 3:30am in order to do her regimen which includes 2 coffee enemas a day. She is living with a malignant tumor now and must do the maximum amount to regain her health.

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