Patient Perspective - Stage IV Breast Cancer

Jenni's story (July 2004)

I was first diagnosed September 2002 with stage I breast cancer at the age of 32. I have a wonderful husband and two awesome kids.

In October 2002 I had a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery immediately afterward. After two days of being in the hospital I went home. I had follow up appointments with my surgeon, plastic surgeon, and my oncologist.

My husband and I decided, after all of the conversations with the doctors, that chemotherapy wasn't for me. I recovered quickly from my surgery and life seemed to pretty much return to normal. Fourteen months later I was diagnosed with the second round of cancer. This time it went to my bones and was considered stage IV breast cancer.

The diagnosis came December 2003. My husband and I had gone back to my oncologist. He told me I would "have to get used to having cancer" and stated it would be a really good idea to go to University of Indiana and get a second opinion. We made the appointment for the middle of January.

When we got there I was very nervous and really didn't know what to expect. When we got back in the room the doctor was very nice and caring. She told us my chances of beating this "weren't zero" and recommend an aggressive treatment involving carbo-platinum and taxol chemotherapy.

At this point I was very scared, my husband reached over, put his arms around me and held me very close. All the way home we were talking about what else might be available in alternative medicine that would be more promising than simply getting used to living with cancer.

My husband and I had done a lot of research and after talking to many people, reading books, and doing much internet research we decided to go to Dr. S.R. Burzynski's Clinic located in Houston,Texas.

By the time we got to the Burzynski Clinic my tumor marker was at 167 (it went from 40 in December to 167 in February).

The first day at the Burzynski Clinic my son, my husband and myself met with Dr. Axler (Sr. Oncologist) and Dr. Yevette (MD). They did a comprehensive evaluation of my situation and worked up a treatment plan.

They started me on a combination of conventional treatments and Sodium Phenylbutyrate. After extensive testing, about two weeks later, we went home and continued with the treatment plan with the help of my local oncologist.

Two weeks after being home I had another tumor marker test which at this point it was 70. The second month after being home it was 38, the third month it was 41, fourth month it was 28 and the fifth month, which brings us to current, the tumor marker is 31.

I had a PET scan done July 19, 2004 and was told by my local oncologist on July 20, 2004 I am in complete remission. I've been able to work and do my normal activities throughout the entire healing process. I'm not sick all the time and I haven't lost my hair.


If you would like more information about my experience with Dr. Burzynski and his clinic I can be contacted through email my address is:

Good luck and God Bless.


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