Patient Perspective:Taking Care of Your Mouth -Chemo/Rads

I'll share some of what I found worked/works for me re: dental/gum health both during and post chemo/radiation.

For years I used Listerine and the regular brands of toothpaste. I always, and especially during chemo/ found them horribly irritating to my gums.

Seeking alternatives I learnt about the following , all of which I've used or do use.

For my gums. myrrh powder or tincture. Myrrh is long recognized, even by mainstream, as being beneficial to gum health and has been used in Ayurveda and Western herbal cultures for a very long time.

Ann's NOTE: Myrrh is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I also rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash and then follow with a drop of tea tree oil in warm water that I swish around for a minute. My mouth is totally clean, the helpful bacteria are not sloughed off and my mouth just feels good.

World Organic makes a line of chlorophyll products that include toothpaste and mouthwash as well as a product which I use Liquid Chloro-Combo.

For tooth dentrifrice I use a powder called Dental Fibers which has Neem in it, also long used in dental care.

I've also ,as posted before, found many of the Tom's Toothpaste products very pleasant as well as cleansing and not so abrasive.

There is a product which helped me through many times of sore/bleeding gums. It is Gum Therapy and is made by Quantum, Inc. All the ingredients are herbal and extremely beneficial to my oral health. My dentist, a high tech , dental perfectionist , a teacher of other dentists ,was also impressed. He, himself, has been exploring herbal mouthwashes for use in his practice. He has been totally mainstream so this is an acknowledgement that there is something "out there" that may be inclusive to his practice,

Of course, dental flossing, brushing and a water pic or whatever they are called these days is also essential.

Herbs, alone, won't do it

All this was by trial and error thru the years and after feeling as if my mouth were scorched by some of the products I'd used for decades,

I've had extensive dental work since chemo but my dentist says my mouth is in "splendid condition."

One can also use a tongue scraper .

Hope this helps

Barbara D

Neem Leaf - Cancer Fighter (hamsters)

Food and Chemical Toxicology, July 2008

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