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Ann's NOTE: It is important to remember that a great many patients have no problems with their reconstruction. BUT a large number to experience some problems. Several of these women have decided to tell the Project about their circumstances. You are not alone if you had problems

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In 1997, I had Tram flap surgery, after a mastectomy in 1995. At that time my left breast had been reduced. I am satisfied with both breasts, however, the lower abdominal scar still looks pretty wicked.

My plastic surgeon told me that after the surgery I would be able to wear a bikini, well if the Pillsbury dough boy looks good in a bikini, that's me! My stomach, directly below the breasts is hard, petrous, similar to rock and feels prickly to the touch, as you can imagine, I am not happy with the results of this surgery.

If anyone out there has these problems or wants to ask questions, I'd be happy to help, please contact me. Good luck.

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