Patient Perspective/Lois

I'd just like to second the idea of using Chinese herbs (and acupuncture) along with radiation. I did that and suffered almost no fatigue, worked full time with no problem and actually felt better than usual. People told me I looked so good!! And they didn't know what I was going through. I really believe that the herbs, plus the high doses of vitamins, including C gave me this benefit. I stopped the high doses of C midway through when I read about the controversy surrounding antioxidants and radiation. I got scared. Anyway, my traditional Chinese doctor was soothing and encouraging and I'd recommend TCM completely.

Lois, 2000/2001

1/04 Ann's NOTE:

Many people have been using Chinese herbs along with conventional therapy.

I heard a talk by a woman who fought pancreatic cancer with chemo (on a clinical trial) AND Chinese herbs. She spoke at a meeting of the American Association for Cancer Researchers (

She credits her excellent success to the combination of therapies. She is a member of

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