Patient's Need Information on Nutrition

Researchers Call For More Patient Information On Nutrition In Cancer

Health professionals should increase their communication about nutrition and diets with their cancer patients to prevent intake of unproven and possibly harmful diets and supplements.

Interviews with 143 cancer patients found that 69 had made a dietary change that agreed with current nutritional recommendations to reduce meat and fat intake and increase consumption of fruit and vegetables.

But the survey, carried out by researchers in Hawaii, found that many patients who changed their diet also started to take herbal and vitamin supplements, with no proven efficacy or safety.

The cancer patients, whose replies to the survey were sorted and coded by an analytical software package, said they hoped that improving their nutrition would increase well-being, maintain health and prevent cancer recurrence.

Some of the patients also believed that some foods that caused cancer should be avoided, and some that prevented cancer should be consumed in greater amounts.

06/08/2001; Doctor's Guide

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