HS Works For Me

Chas in PA.

February a year ago my wife went into the hospital to have an ovarian cyst removed and the surgeon diagnosed it as stage three rampant ovarian cancer and recommended chemotherapy. Chemotherapy temporarrily stops cell division and the cancer goes into temporary remission, then it comes back as stageIV and the patient dies within a year and a half.

Hs does not work for stage IV. First the patient goes into a state of wasting away and then into extreme pain for which morphine is given, then goes into a coma and dies.

From March until July 1998 my wife took chemotherapy but also at the same time without telling the doctor she took hs, one month on, one month off and one month on. She kept to the strict diet recommended by rigorous self-discipline and it paid off. The CAT scan six weeks later in the middle of August showed complete remission. The doctor expects it to come back but I know she is over it for good. I do not know if the hs works in synergy with the chemotherapy or effected the results alone, but it worked. My wife is alive and kicking as if nothing happened.

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