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Ann Fonfa recently heard a lecture by Shala Masood, MD (Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Florida, College of Medicine, Jacksonville, FL)at the 2006 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

Here are some excerpts from her talk:

26% of HER2 status is misjudged

Only 58% of 6 pathologists agree on a diagnosis, 71% if 5 of 6, and 92% for 4 of 6.

There is very low reimbursement for Pathologists.

Is Ductal Hyperplasia actually different from low level DCIS?

A five-year follow up of Atypical Hyperplasia showed no development of cancer in various studies, including one that went ten years out.

A very small number of pathologists actually follow the guidelines.

She strongly suggests a second opinion with a cancer diagnosis. The information may impact outcome, change in planned sugery or prognostic information.

Dr. Masood stated that biomarkers are needed for pathology. Pathologists need to be better integrated into the totality of breast cancer treatment.

Nationally Known Pathologists

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The Pathology Guy

LINK to online help from Dr. Ed Friedlander

Cancer Second Opinion

LINK to Free consultation, confirmation of diagnosis

Phenopath Laboratories

LINK to the Lab used for Second Opinions. Seattle, WA

Seattle Breast Cancer Pathology Consultants

LINK "Our goal is to provide our patients with an expert second-opinion review of your breast biopsy slides performed by a board-certified pathologist with over a decade of experience specializing in breast pathology".

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