Past MEETINGS (mostly 2011 but some earlier)

If you are seeking information about a specific past meeting, we sometimes have summaries written by advocate attendees. You can find them in our section (LEFT buttons) labeled Meeting Summaries/Advocacy Issues.

Value in Patient-led Conferences

European Journal of Pain, July-August 2008

Innovative Minds in Prostate Cancer Today Conference

March 9-11, 2011 Orlando, FL Department of Defense

Together in Hope - Brain Tumor Patient Advocates

Friday, May 20- Sunday, May 22, 2011 Renaissance Houston Greenway Plaza Hotel Houston, TX

Annual Int'l Spring IPT/IPTLD Conference

May 12-14, 2011 Ft Lauderdale, FL

Am Assoc of Naturopathic Physicians

August 11-15, 2011 Portland, OR

DoD Era of Hope

August 2-5, 2011 Orlando, FL

Food as Medicine, 2011

June 9-12, 2011 Bethesda, MD

Ovarian Cancer National conference

July 9-12, 2011 Washington, DC

7th Workshop for Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists,& Yoga Teachers

July 27-29, 2011 MD Anderson Cancer Center

NCONN 3rd Annual Changing the Face of Cancer Care Conf

September 8-10, 2011 San Diego, CA

Colorectal Cancer conf - What Every Family Needs to Know

June 23-25, 2011 Denver, CO

Men's Integrative Health Seminar

September 24, 2011 Rye Brook, NY

NYANP Annual Naturopathic Conference

October 9, 2011 New York City

7th Ann'l Multidisciplinary Symp Head/Neck Cancer

November 19, 2011 Philadelphia, PA

4th Int'l Conference on Translational Cancer Research

Udaipur, Rajastan, India December 16-19, 2011

Advanced Breast Cancer - 1st Consensus Conference

Nov 3-5, 2011 Lisbon, Portugal

Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer- AICR 2011

November 3-4,2011

Washington, DC

Advances in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

November 17-19, 2011

Society for Integrative Oncology

November 10-12 2011 Cleveland, OH Ann Fonfa will be one of the Advocate panelists

Physiological Treatments 4 Cancer - Orthomolecular Health Med

February 24 - 26, 2012 San Francisco

Translational Research Cancer Centers Consortium (TRCCC)

February 22-24, 2012 Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Seven Springs, PA

1st Annual meeting Am Academy of Ozonotherapy

February 17-18, 2012 Dallas, TX

OMG - I'm Too Young For This

March 30- April 1, 2012 Las Vegas, NV

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