Pamidrontate May Prevent Further Damage

Adding pamidronate to standard palliative radiotherapy may help to thwart the progression of bone metastasis in irradiated bone and to prevent occurrences of new bone metastases.

Turkish researchers presented their findings at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) in Boston, Massachusetts.

Melek Nur Yavuz, MD, Assistant Professor and Administrator of the department of Radiation Oncology, Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey, led the research team from that department in undertaking this randomized trial of 50 cancer patients with bone metastases.

All participants were randomized equally to one of two arms. Group 1 received palliative radiation therapy plus pamidronate 90 mg, delivered in a two-hour infusion with 0.9% sodium-chloride solution, once every three weeks for nine months, beginning on the first day of radiation. Group 2 received palliative radiation therapy alone.

This study was originally undertaken to explore the possible additive effects of pamidronate on pain palliation, quality of life, bone mineralization, incidence of pathological fractures and new bone metastases. Scorings were performed at baseline, week 6 and week 20 of treatment and following treatment.

No significant differences between the two groups were detected in the changes of pain and analgesia, performance, quality of life, serum calcium, phosphorus, alkaline phosphatases, creatinine, transaminases, tumour markers and bone-mineral-density levels.

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