KR, a cancer patient describes 

another approach to diet and health

A breast cancer survivor KR offers the following:

"I've had progressive post-polio muscular atrophy for about nine yrs. When I began my paleo diet two yrs. ago, I was on disability and using a scooter. On the paleo diet, my health improved to the point where seven months later I put the scooter in storage and began walking again - not just in the house but in the grocery store, etc. The bc that was diagnosed in Jan. has probably been with me for years...unfortunately, the paleo diet did not prevent its appearance.

There are many versions of paleo eating, but the basic premise is that we try to go back to what our ancestors ate pre-agriculture. That is, before grains were farmed. The farther back we go in eating habits, the more adapted we are and the less effort our immune system will need to spend dealing with the foreign proteins found in many of todays foods

My dog and cat have also been switched to species-appropriate foods and all their health problems have cleared up!! In fact, my 10 y/o old standard poodle has stopped going grey. They eat meat, bones (mostly raw chicken wings, necks), veg, fruit, garlic, kelp, alfalfa, vit. C., fish (mackerel, tuna), ground nuts (almonds, walnuts) and berries. The vet cannot believe how wonderful they look and how healthy they are. My thoughts center around the idea that if a dog and cat are put on a species appropriate diet and all their health problem clear up in a few months, what would happen when a human would eat a diet appropriate to humans?

I eat meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, spices, herbs. Period. That said, I will occasionally cheat by eating a little oatmeal. The only rice I eat is "wild" rice from Canada. No additives, no sugar in any form, no food dyes, no pasta, no rice, nothing made from flour (other than a rare use of spelt or oat). No dairy other than no-sugar yogurt (similar to what is found in baby prey animals' stomachs when they are nursing).

I also stay away from "new world" foods like potatoes and corn. Nuts that are o.k. are almonds and, sometimes, walnuts - organic and raw. I eat a lot of extra-virgin cold pressed olive oil.

That's it. This is not really a "diet" as much as a way of living. Trying to get the body as toxin free as possible - eating everything (when possible) organic. On this diet, people lose weight and gain muscle; they begin to look like people used to look: muscular and thin.

Original FAC for the PALEOFOOD list is Ray Audette's book, "Neanderthin", available at Ray is a member of the list and contributes regularly. He was a computer company employee living in Dallas when he discovered he had diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Ray researched diet and early humans' way of eating and decided to try to immitate the way our very early ancestors ate. Well, "the rest is history." Ray cured both his diseases through diet alone and wrote a book, "Neanderthin." People on the PALEOFOOD list come from a variety of backgrounds: some have autistic children, some have serious diseases, others are marathon runners trying to have optimal performance, etc. Many members are former vegetarians or vegans.

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Short-term intervention w/a paleolithic diet in healthy volunteers

Euro J Clin Nutrition, May 2007 online

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