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We have just heard from a nurse who works at a clinic offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Centers in Randolph, MA. hyperbaricoxygenchamber.com

She suggests that it can be used to offset radiation damage. Radiation side effects are generally divided into two catagories. Acute side effects almost always resolve with time and then chronic complication that may not get better with time and are likely to get worse.

Almost all chronic radiation complications result from scarring and narrowing of the blood vessels within the area which has received the treatment. If this process progresses to the point that the normal tissues are no longer receiving adequate blood supply, death or necrosis of these tissues occur.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy puts down new vessels to perfuse these damaged areas...acutally bringing them back to life. Hyperbaric medicine is a definitive treatment for radionecrosis.

A good spot for further reference material is the Underea and Hyperbaric Medical Society at


This clinic can be reached at UHOTC@aol.com

Please advise us if you take this treatment.

Update, 6/9/03:

I wanted to update on some of the great results that our hyperbaric oxygen therapy recipients have experienced.

For example, one woman had a large wound in the site of breast radiation that had been getting progressively larger over the two years since the original biopsy.

After a course of hyperbaric oxygen, the wound closed.

Sincerely, Eileen Cleary, RN at Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center, Randolph, MA

Oxygen & Ozone Therapies

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Posted August 2010

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