Ovarian Cancer: Patient Perspective

On 2/24/04 We received an email from a woman who stated that she had 'cured' ovarian cancer using Dr. Paul Stamets mushrooms (and in a very short time).

Here is her statement:


(in 12 weeks for approximately $117 including shipping and handling)

On June 4, 2003 after being sick for weeks with what I thought was food poisoning and a hernia, I was taken to the hospital for a seven hour operation for a burst appendix caused (I found out two months later) by ovarian cancer.

Because my system was so depleted, the huge wound was left open to heal from the inside out as a precaution against infection. About the third day I was in the hospital, the Doctor who had done the surgery (a substitute colleague because my Doctor was unavailable) came into my room, didnąt look at my wound, and announced, łYou have cancer.˛ I told him that I would never consider Chemo and that I would have to wait before my wound healed before starting any other procedures. He seemed angry with my decision and strode out of the room.

My regular Doctor came by frequently, to check on my wound. (I couldnąt look at it as it was 11 inches long, 7 inches wide and 5 inches deep). He suggested that sometime in the future, I might talk to an Oncologist he respected.

The problem was I couldnąt stay in the hospital more than two weeks and I needed a sterile environment for the twice a day bandage changes. I didnąt want to go to a Nursing Home but I was a Medicare patient and didnąt have much choice.

For two months, I resided in a Convalescent Home (it was really a Nursing Home because I was about the only one who could walk and wasnąt wearing a diaper and since my roommate was 97 years old, I couldnąt watch TV. In one of the Utne Readers (April 2003 issue )my sister brought me, was an article regarding the incredible properties of mushrooms.* I called and ordered one bottle so that when I left the Nursing Home, I would be ready to start my recovery.

On August 19, I began taking the liquid mushroom drops (they also come in capsule) in the morning and in the evening. There was no side effects, no change of any kind but I wanted to make sure they were working so I ordered two more bottles.

After 12 weeks, I felt that I had given the mushrooms time to work and wanted to get some proof by taking a colonscopy and a cat scan. Because of the Holidays, these tests were delayed until December. The results:

The tests showed no cancer.


Information from a website located during a SEARCH:


By Paul Stamets assisted by C. Dusty Wu Yao, author of Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms and coauthor of The Mushroom Cultivator


Scientists have only recently confirmed what ancient cultures have known for centuries: mushrooms have within them some of the most potent medicines found in nature. Long viewed as tonics, we now know that their cellular constituents can profoundly improve the quality of human health.

Differing from most pharmaceuticals, these healing agents have extraordinarily low toxicity, even at high doses….For physicians, naturopaths, herbalists and lay people, medicinal mushrooms may well hold answers for many of today’s major health concerns.

Increasingly, medicinal mushrooms are valued not only as adjuvant therapies to allopathic practices, but show promise for preventing diseases, including cancer.

In this treatise, 17 of the more important mushroom species are described in detail noting latin species name, common names, distribution and natural habitats, known active constituents, form used, medicinal properties and the author’s comments on each species.

The book also contains key reference articles specific to each species in their treatment of disease (with a special listing of activity against specific cancers).

The book includes a section of commonly asked questions and an impressive listing of medical professionals who recommend medicinal mushrooms.


“Fungi Perfecti, owned and operated by Paul Stamets, is the best all-round source for medicinal mushroom products and information.”

—Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., in Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self-healing Newsletter, “Miraculous Mushrooms” May 1997

Source for the above: New Chapter www.new-chapter.com


http://fungus.org.uk/nwfg/stamets.htm Growing Gourmet Mushrooms -the Stamets seminars LINK to article orginally from 'Mycologist", 1997, 11(4), 157-158.

Ann's NOTE: I asked J.A. to send us her surgical pathology report to be absolutely clear that she had a cancer diagnosis. We received it in late March, 2004. With her consent: The preoperative diagnosis was incarcerated, strangulated hernia. After surgery: ruptured appendiz, multiple abdominal abscesses.

The operation was characterized as "exploratory laparotomy, lysis of adhesions, drainage of pelvic and abdominal abcesses, appendectomy.

Diagnosis: "Extensive invasion by papillary adencarcinoma with psamma bodies, apparently from an exterior source.

Comment (by pathologist): "A tumor of this histologic appearance most likely originated in the ovary. Other tumors which product papillary growth and psammoma bodies originate in the thyroid. Meningiomas also produce psammoma bodies.

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