Our Site Gets REVIEWED at Great Nonprofits!

Review 33:

The Annie Appleseed Project has been a most impressive and effective force for education and awareness. The 2010 conference did a remarkable job of bringing together health professionals, cancer victims and their families.

The entire presentation was a poignant reminder that cancer affects us all. The combination of personal stories with professional guidance created a positive experience out of such a tragic subject.

THANK YOU ANN for all that you do and all that you are! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the conference and continuing support of this endeavor.

Beth Ellen DiLuglio, MS, RD, CNSD, CCN NutritionMission.org

Review 32:

My brother is fighting an incurable cancer. Ann's website has been a great resource for alternative medicine to help us find new tools. Ann, keep up the good work.

Another Review:

The Annieappleseed Project has been a life-saver for me from the very beginning. How refreshing it was for me to find this site, which offered me alternative and well thought-out points of view.

I was starting to have a number of questions about the conventional one-size-fits-all treatments that I was offered at the beginning of my journey. Knowing Annieappleseed made all the difference for me.

Therefore, I was more than happy to accept, when Ann Fonfa asked me if I would be able to help her staff a stand at last year's Ovarian Cancer Conference in DC. Though every cancer is a completely different disease, I learned a lot at that conference, from the other participants.

I feel it was very important for Ann and me to have been present there, to voice our point of view on nutrition and cancer, an aspect of cancer treatment that is all to often completely overlooked. Not that there is no interest in nutrition in the public, but patients are often too tired and too confused to think about looking in that direction, and finding out what they may need to change in their lifestyle to reduce their risk of recurrence.

The Annie Appleseed Project is doing a fantastic public service by providing information on nutritional issues and complementary natural therapies that may be available and could enhance their chances at recovering or avoiding recurrence.

And one more Review:

Years and years ago, while doing research at the library, I first learned about the Annie Appleseed Project website and the promise of complementary medicine. All of these years later, I am still delighted to be able to review the website.

What prompted me to write is that a friend found out information about a drug that she had never seen before. This information has absolutely helped her immensely, and she is very grateful for it. Thank you, Annie Appleseed Project, for your illumination of obscure, difficult cancer issues!

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