Osteopathy Treats With Manipulation

Osteopathy is a hands-on approach to health maintenance. Manipulation is used to assist the inherent healing forces of the body allowing normal structure and function to be maintained. The focus is on health, not disease.

Diet, exercise, physical and emotional stresses, genetic, environmental, occupational factors and a complete history of life from conception to the present is used in making health decision. The body structure is looked at from head to feet. "With perceptive, feeling fingers" they identify areas where structure has been disturbed and recognize how the body’s self-correcting mechanism is responding. In addition to recommending or prescribing medications, diet, exercise, counseling and surgery where indicated, the osteopath treats with maipulation.

They can be very effective with musculoskeletal problems (back, shoulder and neck pain, carpal tunnel and torticollis) as well as headaches, asthma, lymphedema, constipation and menstrual problems.

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