Orthomolecular Med

Introduction to Orthomolecular Medicine, Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD

Between 1978 and March, 1999 I have seen over 1040 patients suffering from cancer who came to me for nutritional and psychiatric counseling. This is no longer a surprising combination as it was when I first started to practice psychiatry in 1952.

I attended my first annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in Los Angeles, in 1952. I did not meet another psychiatrist there with a PhD in Biochemistry.

Since then many more scientists with the double degrees have become active in this field but of these very few actively pursue this particular combination.

Orthomolecular theory and practice drives these two together.

I have retained my interest in the biochemistry and clinical aspects of nutrition combining this with my education in medicine and later in psychiatry.

The recovery of my first patient in 1960 from terminal bronchiogenic cancer of the lung arose from this coalescence of these two disciplines.

Orthomolecular Medicine & Cancer

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