Oral Contraceptives &  Bca/Ovca

Risk of Breast Cancer With Oral Contraceptive Use in Women With a Family History of Breast CancerContext:


Oral contraceptive (OC) use is weakly associated with breast cancer risk in the general population, but the association among women with a familial predisposition to breast cancer is less clear.

Objective: To determine whether the association between OC use and risk of breast cancer is influenced by family history of the disease.

Conclusions: These results suggest that women who have ever used earlier formulations of OCs and who also have a first-degree relative with breast cancer may be at particularly high risk for breast cancer. Further studies of women with a strong family history who have used more recent lower-dosage formulations of OCs are needed to determine how women with a familial predisposition to breast cancer should be advised regarding OC use today.

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