Opthalmic Manifestations of Mets Breast Ca

Ophthalmic manifestations of metastatic breast cancer.

Bullock JD, Yanes B.

Metastatic breast cancer is the most common primary tumor metastasizing to the ocular structures. An analysis of 30 patients demonstrated a wide spectrum of ophthalmic manifestations including cranial nerve involvement, brain involvement with papilledema, Horner's syndrome, and choroidal and orbital tumors.

The mean age of patients presenting with an ophthalmic sign was 54 years and the mean interval from the diagnosis of breast cancer to the development of the ophthalmic sign was 4.9 years.

The carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) was useful in confirming the diagnosis of metastatic disease as it was elevated in 18 of the 22 patients in whom it was measured.

The estrogen receptor assay, performed on metastatic tissue removed from the orbit, can indicate the sensitivity of the breast cancer to hormonal therapy.

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