One Source of Whey

Quick Facts about Immunocal® :

100% natural food supplement - an undenatured (active) whey protein isolate, derived from the goodness of milk very close to mother's breast milk in its effect on the immune system can be taken by severely lactose-intolerant people - less than 1% lactose no fat no side effects won't conflict with any medications safe for all age groups, young and old developed over 20 years of research by Dr. Gustavo Bounous at McGill University Medical Centre has 8 pharmaceutical-type patents for method-of-use due to positive immune response, people with organ transplants cannot use this product backed by extensive phase I, II, and III clinical trials has been used in independent research at major universities and hospitals throughout the world is currently marketed in Europe and the Orient by pharmaceutical companies, but is available in North America without a prescription the first natural food supplement ever to qualify for U.S. government reimbursement (Medicare and Medicaid) has earned a place in the 2000 editions of the Physicians' Desk Reference and the Pharmaceutical Redbook

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