This was received in November 1999

I found your website listed when I queried H.S. Please do not recommend this as an alternative treatment for cancer. My husband took this following research he did through Syracuse Cancer Research Institure (Dr. Gold) and the Kathy Keeton website. My husband died from "drug toxicity due to H.S." which resulted in liver and kidney failure. Please be assured an autopsy was done to confirm this, and he was treated by the top specialist in the field to attempt to reverse the damage done by H.S. If you check Dr. Gold's premise on how this supposedly works, it is supposed to block a liver enzyme but in reality attacks the liver. Not only my husband, my very close friend, also passed away from these side effects. My husband passed away on June 5, 1998, and I have supporting documentation if you need it.

Ann's NOTE: This information was sent to the Kathy Keeton Foundation. We are awaiting their response. It is possible that this patient did not know about the foods and drugs that CANNOT be used with an MAO inhibitor which hydrazine sulfate is. But obviously this is a VERY important issue.

Also, not everything works for everyone. A perfect example of why we need controlled scientific research to give us answers. Some studies were done using hydrazine sulfate but it is generally felt in the "alternative community" that they were not done in an unbiased way. Certainly the vast majority of patients use surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy and some do not survive.

My sympathy to this woman and the families.

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