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Hello everyone

A week or so ago I mentioned that I was going to see a practioner from The Nutritional Therapy Trust ( )

They describe the therapy as having 'a continuity of therapeutic philosophy' with the Gerson therapy, but have included many new elements and excluded several measures rated as important by Gerson. ( not sure of the precise details of these).

The cancer therapy involves 1. detoxification of old toxins (to minimise formation of new malignancies) and simultaneously removing source of harmful toxins ie completely organic diet.

2 .Immune system regeneration to maximum efficiency ( to attack disease process and prevent recurrence)

3. Cells to be cleaned and systems restored to provide adequate levels of energy

4. Tumors attacked and destroyed by starving them of essential nutrients (animal protein, oils, fats and salt) eliminating molecular substances that encourage angiogenesis

5. Repair damage to all the body,organs and complex systems from the disease process and/or previous treatment.

Everyone is given a 'prescription' which provides guiedlines to ensure that the diet is correctly balanced with the necessary levels of proteins, it includes lists of foods to be avoided and those which should form the major part of the diet in order to achieve maximum benefits. The prescriptions are geared towards particular situations ie hormonal cancers

There is a comprehensive programme of supplements ( devised by Dr Lawrence Plaskett, biochemist, qualified acupuncturist, designer of supplements and founder of a college of nutrition and nutrional medicine)

6 daily juices :- 1 orange, 1 green, 3 carrot and apple 4 coffee enemas.

Although the programme is intense it has been designed to allow people to maintain as normal as possible life including working.

They are keeping meticulous records of everyone undertaking the therapy and are actively working towards gaining recognition by the orthodox establishment of both the therapy and the causes of the steady increase in cancer.

You have probably gathered by now that I am pretty enthusiastic about this. As you know I went down the conventional treatment route, although I did refuse the last 2 chemo sessions and managed to get a short radiation schedule (keep thinking of that marshmallow in the microwave!!).

I really believe that I need to work to repair my immune system and the damage caused by the treatments. With 14 positive nodes I know that I am vulnerable, and this feels the right thing to do, to get rid of the spectre of the damn cancer. It will be expensive approx 400 per month for veg and supplements (the trust do not charge, although the practioners make some charges they are available by phone at all times and do not charge for this).

We have sat down and had a family conference and all my boys big and little think this is the way to go.I showed my mum the info and she came to me with tears in her eyes and said 'you have to do this how can I help?'

This is so important to me as the fear and anger that was expressed by several people when I said I wasn't doing any more chemo was really hard to take, even though they could see that it was literally causing me to fall apart, mentally and physically.

It will be a tough but positive 2 years and I can hardly wait to start, although this will be in september as we as a family have decided to have a summer of playing together.

keep well


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