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August 2008


The Los Angeles City Council has agreed to ban the building of new fast food restaurants in poor areas of the city. Three-quarters of the restaurants in South L.A. are fast food, and the City Council hopes the decision will attract healthier alternatives. The decision was made after area residents complained that junk food was destroying public health. The resolution is likely to be used as a model by other cities where similar citizen campaigns are launched. Learn more:

It is not necessary to give up meat in order to be healthier. It IS a good idea to have less of it. And if you can afford it, try organically-fed, or free-range, hormone-free, no antibiotics or food color, meats, chickens, turkeys, etc.

The American Institute for Cancer Research talks about the New American Plate. Take a look at this for help in eating healthier.

Full Fat, Full Benefits

Forget the fat-free dressing on the side. Turns out, you need fat to absorb carotenoids, the disease-fighting antioxidants that give fruits and veggies their color.

A recent study found that volunteers absorbed more carotenoids when they munched salads with full-fat dressing, less when they dined with low-fat dressing, and almost none when they opted for nonfat.

But you don't have to rely on dressing to get the biggest nutritional boost from your salads-according to the head researcher, other fat sources such as avocado, cheese, or nuts, may work just as well.

Source: Alternative Medicine, October, 2004

Ann's NOTE: Olive oil - PERFECT for salad.

Fruit & Vegetables in Prevention of Cancer

Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 9/98 Study from Norway

Animal Fat & Breast Cancer Link
Food Serving Size Equivalents
Fruit/Vegetable Consumption/Weight Mgment
Olive Oil Needed on Salad to Help Absorb Carotenes
Raw vs Cooked Vegetables & Cancer Risk: REVIEW
Fruits/Veg & Cancer Prevention: Review from 1992 EAT THEM

Int J Cancer, 5/02

Vegetarian Diet Approved by ADA
Fruit/Vegetables: Benefit the Body Efficiently (Vitamin Okay)
Raw & Cooked Veg/Fruits/Micronutrients & BCa Risk
Combining Certain Foods Fight Cancer Risk Better

J Carcinogenesis, 4/03

Diet LINKED to Cancer Risks
Dietary Variety is BEST
American Institute for Cancer Research

LINK to organization that funds studies on nutrition, offering very useful information

National Cancer Institute

LINK to Men's Health, fruits and Vegetables

National Cancer Institute "5 to 9 a Day"

LINK to main page for nutritional advice

DIM may Treat & Prevent Cancer

Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, 1/04

University of Arizona Cancer Nutrition

LINK to website w/lots of information

USDA Study of Food Antioxidants

J Agricultural & Food Chem, 6/04

Antioxidant Supplementation:Reduced Ca Risk in MEN
Most Diets Need Supplementation
BEWARE Food Companies' Health Claims

Source: New York Times, 9/21/04

Healthy Choice Meals on Restaurant Menus: YES

Int J Food Sci Nutr, 9/04

Sunlight, Nutrition & Health Res Ctr

LINK to site on value of vitamin D and sunlight

Pesticide vs Organic Foods- Kids

J Environmental Health Perspectives, 10/02

1/6 Level of Pesticides in Kids Eating Organic foods
Study Evaluates Nutritional Modulation & Chemo
Pesticides and Children
Lilli Link, MD,MS

LINK to NYC-based doctor and cancer survivor offering programs designed to optimize health through nutrition

Lunch Lessons

LINK to Changing the Way we Feed our Children

100% Fruit Juice

Pediatric Academic Societies' Annual Meeting, May 2007

Fruit Juice: No Increased Body Weight - Adults
Unsweetened Juice Associated with Better Diet Quality (Kids)

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