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Mary Dowden, MS, RN, a clinical nutritionist gave a workshop at the recent World Conference on Breast Cancer in Ottawa, Canada (7/99)."The Prevention and Treatment of Cancer with Nutrition, a Natural Perspective". Here are some of the things she stressed:

-the importance of the natural elimination of toxins, -awareness of the environmental toxins and carcinogens -phytonutrients and their protective effect on the body -natural treatment and prevention

Mary starts her patients prior to chemotherapy/radiation on a program of at least 8 glasses of water, combined with juicing of organic fruits and vegetables, combined with alfalfa (in tablet form), an herbal laxative, and acidopholus to rebalance the natural bacteria in the colon and digestive track.

She indicated that the elimination of toxins takes place in the lymph system (too bad surgery eliminates lymph nodes for many cancer patients); the digestive system; the liver and the kidney. All work together to help keep the body strong.

She suggested the following list of foods and supplements to support liver detoxifications:

cabbage and other bioflavinoids cruciferous vegetables carotenes flax seed oil black currant seed oil organic fruits coenzyme Q10 garlic copper nuts/seeds evening primrose oil onions folic acid, B6, B12 sesame/sunflower seed oils magnesium organic vegetables lecithin wheat germ oil N-acetyl-cysteine trace minerals

This is what phytonutrients provide: antioxidants, other vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. They can enhance the immune properties and organ functions, protect against toxins and carcinogens and prevent carcinogenesis.

Proper nutrition is the key to good health. The use of supplements is suggested to help the body fight cancer.

Mary strongly urges people to be aware of the negative and poisonous things being done to our food such as: -genetic engineering -irradiation (already being done on spices and some meat) -agricultural practices that use excessive pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and artifical color -industrial pollution -municipal and medical waste (particularly incinerators) -toxic chemicals (including household cleaning products-more on that later)

Mary believes that "The prevention is the same as the treatment". So that people with cancer should also follow her suggestions.

Mary Dowden works on Long Island but will be relocating to Connecticut soon.

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