Non toxic ways to deal with unwanted/adverse(side [sic])effects

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In March 1999, the Institute of Medicine issued a report stating that THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) is useful for treating cancer pain, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, and poor appetite/wasting. According to a MAMM magazine article published in their Nov/Dec 1999 issue, 21% of patients do not get relief from any of the anti-nausea drugs available (and there are now quite a few). In one small study 78% of that group did get relief from "smokable" marijuana.

You can check out MAMM magazine at The magazine is subtitled Women, Cancer and Community.

Studies have indicated that acupuncture can reduce pain, including chronic pain.

Alpha Lipoic Acid haws been indicated for use in dealing with nerve death-neuropathy. This can be caused by the taxols used in chemotherapy and is becoming quite a problem for patients who have been through this type of regimen.

Since this is a non toxic anti oxidant, it may be worth trying. Several studies have used alpha lipoic acid with diabetics at intravenous doses of 200 mgs and 600 mgs.

Ann's NOTE: As always, you must start at a low dosage and work your way up to see if you have a negative reaction (reminder-that may include headache, dizziness, stomach upset, etc).

You can find some other ideas under the Treatment section, entititled Tips and Techniques (surgery, etc.)

From the April 2005 journal Seminars in Oncology Online (April 2005 Volume 32 Number 2):

"Increasing attention is being paid to the emotional and psychosocial needs of cancer patients. As a result of huge advances in early detection and in treatment modalities, there now are millions of cancer survivors in the United States.

There has been a realization that cancer survivors have distinct psychosocial needs. As cancer survivors live longer, reduction of psychological distress has been recognized as being an important part of having an improved quality of life.

There have been numerous changes in the field of psychosocial oncology since it first began 25 years ago. Guidelines now exist for the definition of distress, and decision trees are available for making the appropriate referrals.

Advances in pharmacologic treatment for depression and anxiety have made it possible to decrease distress and increase coping in cancer patients undergoing treatment as well as in cancer survivors.

Numerous individual and group therapies have demonstrated effectiveness in improving mood and quality of life in cancer patients and those at high risk for developing cancer. Due to the forthright efforts of cancer patients, there are now many organizations and list serves (e-mailing lists) that cancer survivors can turn to for help before, during, and after cancer treatment.

Finally, with the rapid expansion of the internet not only are there websites available as resources, but also the creation of interactive online support is becoming a reality.

One of the most important issues in providing supportive care to cancer patients in the future is to meet the individual needs of patients and provide the type of psychological therapy that will work best for them",

Kathryn M. Kash * Rajnish Mago Elisabeth J.S. Kunkel

Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA *Address reprint requests to Kathryn M. Kash, PhD, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Thomas Jefferson University, 833 Chestnut East-Suite 210, Philadelphia, PA 19107 Email address: (Kathryn M. Kash)

Things that may Stop Hair Loss

But an ice cap does that too

Gene Therapy For Hair Restoration
Pulsed Electrostatic Fields to Reduce Hair Loss
Scalp-cooling System Studied
Ayervedic Hair Care
Fas Signaling Involved in Control of Hair Follicles
Absence of Hair Loss May Show Treatment FAILURE
Many resources for wigs
Relaxation/Recovery Techniques

Think your way to a stronger immune system/Reduce stress

Soft-Belly Meditation
Behavioral Intervention For Cancer Treatment Side Effects
Roger Jahnke, O.M.D.
Meaning Mandala
Relaxation w/Guided Imagery Eases Cancer Distress
Ayervedic Tip on Reducing Stress
Support from Furry Friends
Andrea Zojourner, PhD: Stress Management by Phone
Music as Medicine
Stress Management: BCa Pts Using Healing Breath
Autogenic Training - Meditation Technique
Art as Therapy/Art.Rage.Us and More
Stress Influences Aging Factors & Immune System
Effect of Meditation on Serum Nitric Oxide/Lipid Peroxidatn
Book: "You Are Never Alone: Prayers & Meditations..."
Retreats/Spas/Healing Places
Spiritual Fitness for Healing Cancer
Hallucinogen: safe, may improve mood among cancer patients
Protective role of Psychological & Social Supports
Acupuncture, Acupressure

Journal of American Medical Assoc. 2000

Acupuncture Calms Nerves, Improves Heart Function
University of Vermont Confirms Acupuncture
Acupuncture for Cancer Patients
Relief of Cancer-related Breathlessness
Integration of Acupuncture into the Oncology Clinic
Patient Perspectives on Outcomes After Acupuncture
Acupuncture for Meno-symptoms w/Tamoxifen Use
Acupuncture for Xerostomia (Saliva Problem)
Pediatric Pain & Acupuncture
acupuncture sensation correlates w EEGs & autonomic changes in human subjects
Availability of Acupuncture in (Boston) Hospitals
Adverse Effects During Acupuncture-Minimal
Phase I-II Study Acupuncture-like Nerve Stim:Head/Neck Ca
Ear Acupuncture Found to be Effective for Relieving Insomnia
Acupuncture Abstracts SIO 2006
Randomized Controlled Trial for Acupuncture?
"Acupressure for chemo-induced nausea & vomiting: a randomized clinical trial,"
Acupuncture & Anticancer Immunity via Natural Killer Cells
Wound Healing/ Infection

Lancet, 9/01

What/When to EAT Before Surgery
Grape-Seed Extract Speeds Wound Recovery
New Gauze Promotes healing
Silver Ion Wound Healing
RCT of Tissue Adhesive For Wound Closure
Leeches Approved for Skin Grafts/Reattachment Surgery
Aloe Vera Gel for Wound Healing
Wound Healing HELPED by Exercise - Older Adults
Hydrogen peroxide could cause absorbable sutures to come apart
Antibiotics and Vitamins Work Together
Honey May Help Heal Some Burns & Chronic Wounds
Lots to Live For

LINK One stop shopping for products to help alleviate cancer treatment side effects. Products for skincare, haircare, oral care, radiation burns, & nutritional items.


Articles, Links, Studies

Crisis of Breast Biopsy:Testing Reiki Intervention
Reiki for Fibromyalgia Studied in Seattle
Reflexology Helps Those with Cancer
What is Reiki?
Nausea Relief

Works on the pressure points on the wrists

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training
Electroacupuncture/Delayed Nausea
Nausea/Vomiting: Acupressure Wristbands
Nausea/Emesis BIG Problem
Acupressure Bands Vs. Droperidol Nausea
Peppermint for Nausea
Clinical/Experimental Studies: Acupuncture Nause/Vomiting

Articles and links

Aromatherapy Skills Taught at MD Anderson Cancer Ctr
Lavender & Rosemary Enhance FRSA & Decrease Cortisol
Effectiveness of Aromatherapy Massage
Biological effects of essential oils A review
For Neuropathy: Possibilities

Various sources

Systemic Artemin & Neuropathy
Treatment & Care of Neurotoxicity
Oral Cannabinoids: Neuropathic Pain
Ascorbic Acid for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
Urea Cream Used w/Hand Foot Syndrome:Capecitabine
Vit E Neuroprotective w/Cisplatin
Acetyl-L Carnitine Improves Diabetic Neuropathy
Acupuncture Reduces Pain, Neuropathy
Anodyne Therapy for Neuropathy
Treatment of (alcoholic) Polyneuropathy w/ Vit B Complex
Oral Glutamine Effective Prevents Oxaliplatin-Induced Neuropathy Colorectal Ca Pts
CONSTIPATION Articles & Links

Am J Gastroenterol, 2001

Constipation & Breast Cancer
Kiwi Helps
Ann Fonfa's Advice on Resolving Constipation
Clinical Response to Dietary Fiber
Ayer-Vedic Tip on 'Elimination'
Children and Constipation/Enemas
Outlet Dysfunction Constipation
Enema-induced Perforation of Rectum
Colonic Hydrotherapy (irrigation)
Methylnaltrexone: Treats Opioid-induced Constipation
Chronic Constipation -Defining the Problem: MD Approaches
Zelnorm Taken OFF the Market (FDA Requested)
Advanced Cancer Patients & Constipation Issues
Low Magnesium Intake & Low Intake of Water from Foods= Constipation
FDA MedWatch: DO NOT USE these OTCs BEFORE Colonoscopy
L-Carnitine:Left Ventricle Fraction Problms

Dr. Nate Leibowitz (from


Reuters Health, 8/01

Clinical Trial for Insomnia-11/02
Yoga Therapy: Pscyhotherapeutic Intervention (Bca)
Yoga for Fatigue After Breast Ca Treatment
Deep Yoga Breathing Reduces Stress/High Blood Pressure
Healing Yoga for People Living with Cancer BOOK
Iyengar method of Yoga & Immune Benefits
Exercise & yoga improves QoL women w/early-stage breast ca
Video from Yoga Bear - Abs with Roll
Cancer Patients Benefit from Yoga
Yoga Improves Mood ( may be GABBA - brain chemical)
Protection for Radiation Therapy

Lancet Oncology, 12/02

Calendula Officinalis For Radiation of Breast
Abana, Polyherbal Drug After Total Body Irradiation
Tea extracts repair radiotherapy skin damage
Patient Perspective/Lois

Use of TCM as complement to radiation


Various articles

Home-based Walking Reduces Fatigue
Exercise (Studies)
Exercise Boosts Immune System
Breast Fitness An Optimal Exercise and Health Plan
Exercising After Cancer Boosts QoL
Reducing Frailty/Falls w/Tai Chi (Elderly)
Chronic Exercise & Phys Fitness Level:Pharmacokinetics
Moderate Exercise during Radiation Tx Reduces Fatigue
Circadian Rhythm, Lung Function & Exercise
Being Overweight May be Helpful-Being Thin May Not
Alicethenics:Exercises to Increase Freedom of Movement
Combining Physical Activity & Diet to Improve Cancer Outcomes

Articles on Insomnia- many techniques

Terry Willard: Herbal Advice for Insomnia
David L. Hoffman, B.Sc: Insomnia Advice
Janet Zand, Naturopathic Phys: Insomnia
Dana Ullman, MPH on Insomnia
Advice and Information on Insomnia
Poppy Seeds (Ayurvedic)
Clinical Trial for Insomnia-11/02
Butternut Squash/Pumpkin Seeds for Insomnia
Just Relax
Managing Insomnia: Physicians w/ Non-Drug Options
Sleep Helps Cancer Recovery
Ear Acupuncture Found to be Effective for Relieving Insomnia
SleepSolve 24/7
Teaspoon of Honey BEFORE Bed
Mucositis & Stomatitis Treatments

A Study

Standards Needed for Mucositis Toxicity
Tea Tree Oil-antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal
AES-14 for Oral Mucositis
Low Power Laser for Oral Mucositis - GOOD Results
Prevention of 5-fluorouracil-related stomatitis by Oral Cryotherapy
Bone Loss Reversible w/Weight Lifting

J Heart & Lung Transplantation, J CardioPulmonary Rehabiliation, May 2001

Homeopathic Med for Stomatitis

Traumeel S Cancer J, 2001


J Consulting & Clinical Psychology, 2001

Meditation May Boost Immune System
Hypnosis for Hot Flashes in BCa Survivors
Stress Hormone epinephrine Causes Changes ca cells
The Mind Prepared: Hypnosis in Surgery
Various Hypnosis Practitioners
Acupuncture & Pain:Breast Surgery

Science Daily, 10/01

Acupuncture Aids Nausea After Surgery
Univ of Vermont Confirms Acupuncture Effect
TCM and Pears-RTx/Chemo

Source: Traditional Chinese Medicine World, Fall 2001, Vol 3, No 3

Studies support Natural Meds and Nature

Not necessarily about cancer but contribute to our belief in natural medicine

Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever
Sweat Contains a Natural Antibiotic
Four Natural Anti-bacterial/viral Agents
Ultrasound Therapy DOES NOT Heal Muscle Wounds
Cinnamon: Diabetes/Heart Disease/Brain Power/MORE
Bee Venom Blocks Arthritis Inflammation
Shingles & Vit C
Kava Kava

Articles on Kava Kava from various resources

Germany Revokes License for Medicines w/Kava-Kava
Kava Vindicated
Flavokawain (Kava Kava extract) & Bladder Ca Cells
FDA Issues MedWatch Alert on Kava Kava
Kava Scare
Kava feeding in rats NO liver injury nor enhance galactosamine-induced hepatitis
Music as Stress Reliever

BBC News story 1/23/02

Music Reduces Surgery Stress
Enjoyable Music During Surgery : Less General Anesthesia
Optimism and Longevity

Barry Bittman, MD Director, Mind-Body Wellness Center

Pressure Sores/Bed Sores & Maggots

Wound Repair Regeneration, 8/02

Potato-based Powder Stops Bleeding
Sexuality, Intimacy & Cancer Issues

Articles, links, abstracts, etc. Before treatment, during and after

Online: Sexuality & Cancer (USA/UK)
Subjective QoL & Sexual Functioning: Germ-Cell Tumor Therapy
Product to Help with Vaginal Dryness
Help For Sexual Problems: Men & Partners
Post-treatment Sexual Adjust:Cervi/Endo Ca
Patterns of Change in Marital Relationships:Parents of Kids w/Ca
Sexual Healthcare Needs of Women Aged 65+
Sexuality, Intimacy and Gyn Cancer
Changes in Sexual Function BCA After Adjv Thrpy
"Intimacy After Cancer" - Book for Women and Partners
Fertility issues in survivors from adolescent cancers
Chronic Diarrhea: Saccharomyces boulardi

Liz Meyer sent this, 10/02

Prevention of Chemo Diarrhea w/Oral Alkalization
Clove Tea for Diarrhea
Honey Kills Antibiotic-resistant bugs

University of Wales Inst, 11/02

Healthcare Workers MUST Wash Hands

NY Presbyterian Hospital, Advance for Nurses, 5/03

Female Responses to Stress:Friendship

Psychological Review, 6/03

Empathy is in the Brain/Placebo Effect Too
Foot Reflexology & Pain:Metastatic Cancer

Applied Nursing Research, 11/03

Effects of Footbathing on autonomic nerve & immune function

LINK to their page on reducing unwanted effects

Virtual Reality Helps Cope w/Chemo

Oncology Nursing Forum, 1/04

Brain Aerobics

Mental exercises from

Sdm Bicarb Prevents Contrast-induced Nephropathy

JAMA, 5/04

Radiocontrast Nephropathy:Increase in Serum Creatine
Friend for Life

LINK to "non-profit support network of cancer suvivors who serve the emotional/psychological needs of recently diagnosed and family. All free of charge

Frozen Glove Reduced Skin/Nail Damage - Docetaxel

J Clin Onc 7/01

Retreats/Spas/Healing Places

Links and information

WHYME House Foundation, Inc
Vitalizing effects of being outdoors and in nature
Benefits of complementary therapies - Overview 12/07

Breast Cancer Research, 12/07

Hands-on Healing, many types

Articles and links

Jin Shin Jyutsu-self help
Energy and Touch Healing
Applied Kinesiology/Chiropractic
Massage Therapy
Body Talk
Ki-Touch Therapy: Practitioners' Perspective
Foot Reflexology & Pain:Metastatic Cancer
Healing by Gentle Touch/Cancer

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