Non-Polluting Paint for the Pentagon


American Pride, an environmentally-friendly paint developed by University of Southern Mississippi polymer science researchers, will be used in the repairs of the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Southern Mississippi researchers developed a monomer -- a chemical building block -- from an agricultural product, in this case, castor oil -- which is built into the chemical base of the paint.

The monomer, called a "castor oil acrylated monomer," takes the place of a solvent in the formulation of the paint. That, in turn, dramatically reduces the amount of toxic pollutants given off by water-based paint into the atmosphere.

"Conventional paint contains volatile organic compounds, which pollute the air and give fresh paint its unpleasant odor," says Dr. Shelby Thames, a professor at the Southern Mississippi School of Polymers and High Performance Materials.

The new technology developed will remove the toxic compounds from the paint, cutting the level of pollutants from, typically, 200-400 grams per liter of paint to as low as three grams. "The bottom line is this paint uses castor oil, soybean oil or lesquerella oil to allow us to make latex polymers that have wide applications," Thames says.

United Press International, 2/20/02

Ann's NOTE: There you have it folks. Non-toxic, lower emissions, chemical sensitivity MUST be accepted as real and necessary.

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