Germanium, Modified Citrus Pectin, BioProA and Aloe Vera

Germanium is found in many foods and in water. Japanes scientists working in the mid 1970's isolated a compound GE132 that they said had immune enhancing properties. Several studies have shown anti-metastatic activity. It is said that there is danger of contamination with germanium oxide, so this should not be used without a doctor's care/monitoring.

Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) has been tested on prostate cells where it showed anti-metastatic activity. It is available at health food stores and comes in powder or capsules. This is not the same as pectin used for jams and the like. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute ha had at least one article discussing MCP as a possible promising treament for controlling the spread of metastatic prostate cancer. Due to the connection to breast and ovarian cancer, this substance may also be efficacious for them. A clinical trial was begun in 1995 comparing MCP alone and MCP with soy isoflavone concentrates, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Further information may be forthcoming. There is a full page of study references to be found in ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE REVIEW, Vol 1,No 1, 1996. One study that caught my eye:Pienta KJ, et al "Inhibition of spontaneous metastasis in a rat prostate cancer model by oral administration of modified citrus pectin" J Natl Cancer Inst 1995;87:348-53 Dr. Pienta is associated with Wayne State University.

Citrus pectin (unmodified), specifically from grapefruit, has been identified with reducting heart disease. The lead researcher is Dr. James Cerda of the Uniiversity of Florida.

BioProtein A has been shown to stimulare T-4 helper (white)blood cells and possibly activate T-8 killer cells. It consists of thymus protein and is said to have the same biological activity as the protein from the human thymus. People who have had chemotherapy or radiation may benefit since the thyroid is often involved. Consult a doctor about this. A concerned natural pharmacist told me about it.

Aloe Vera comes from the leaf of the plant. Studies show a concentration of polysaccharides and mucopolysaccharides which can be used for immune enhancement and wound healing, burns and digestive relief. I keep the whole leaf in my refrigerator and juice it as well as use it topically.

Federal law requires that most bottled Aloe have sodium benzoate as a preservative. There is one brand-Alvera that uses ascorbic acid as a preserver.

NOTE: When Ann had her second breast surgery, the surgeon also checked the site of the tube from her first go-around. It was stitched close but burst open. It was not closing and Ann is allergic to antibiotics. The doctor was concerned. About eight days into this, Ann read an article about aloe and wound healing. She took the gel/juice from the middle of a leaf and stuck it directly into this 1/4" open wound. Overnight it healed. Her surgeon was impressed and asked her what she did. Upon hearing of it, she asked for the paper. IT REALLY WORKED for me.


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