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Patient Question: I've heard about these reports for years. Specifically what kind of information is in them? What do they cost?

Leonard's Answer: Below is the info I've heard about these and other Alt. Cancer Information Services:

The Cancer Cure Foundation www.cancure.org "offers free consultation on alternative cancer therapies and can help you decide what clinic or therapy might be best for your situation." I have a very good impression of them. Melinda Wiman is very nice and helpful, and I trust her integrity.

People Against Cancer (PAC) 604 East Street - P.O. Box 10 Otho, Iowa 50569 USA 515-972-4444 Fax: 515-972-4415 info@PeopleAgainstCancer.com www.peopleagainstcancer.com/cancer_alternative.htm $450 "After a patient submits medical records and fills out a thorough questionnaire, the information is reviewed by their network of associated doctors and practitioners from around the world who have successfully treated a similar condition using alternative treatments....goal is to `provide all treatment options' not only for the patient, but for the physician...a written report based on their recommendations is prepared...The patient may chose to travel and visit one or more of the doctors who prepared the report, or stay in his or her local area and utilize the information from the report with a doctor or practitioner of their choice."

I know nothing about PAC reports, though I have a good impression of PAC.

*CANHELP Patrick M. McGrady, Jr. (800) 565-1732 (360) 437-2291 FAX: (360) 437-2272 canhelp@olypen.com www.canhelp.com Available 24hrs, 7 days/wk. 7-10 Day Report $400 (within USA) $500 (outside USA) 2-3 Day Express $550 (within USA) $650 (outside USA) 5-15pg "detailed, individualized, professional reports to help cancer patients with their treatment options.

We search the world for conventional, cutting-edge and alternative treatments....custom reports tailored precisely to your medical history....diagnosis, age, history, the cancer stage, and any complicating factors. An easy-to-understand format emphasizing the most promising treatments, detailing the advantages of complementary, alternative and conventional therapies....A lifetime of service...available for free consulting as you navigate through your treatment and recovery." (www.canhelp.com)

"includes a search of the medical literature, along with a long personalized letter giving his opinion of the information in the search, as well as a description of alternative and conventional options he thinks are promising. He will recommend specific doctors for specific problems, and seems to have a vast store of knowledge of obscure conventional treatments given both in the US and overseas....I saw one of his reports on my own cancer, and his letter mentioned several alternative and overseas treatments that sounded quite interesting, and which I had not come across despite my intense interest in research and alternative treatments. Rather than merely regurgitating the information, his medical literature search highlighted points of interest in the abstracts.

In my judgement his emphases were appropriate, and his search was very well focused." (www.cancerguide.org/search_service.html)

*The Moss Reports Ralph W. Moss 718-636-4433 www.ralphmoss.com/html/reports.shtml $297 plus Fedex shipping ("includes our phone and on-line updates and a lifetime of follow-up by email or fax") 40-60pg "detailed reports on a wide variety of cancer types and situations....reports that include a discussion of various metastatic situations....objective, detailed information on the most promising alternative methods and practitioners for the particular type of cancer....detailed and prioritized information on practitioners and treatments that Ralph Moss feels are the most valid and relevant to any particular kind of cancer." "explanation and critique of the conventional approach...might include... innovative uses of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy... discussion of medical clinics...may include clinics in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, etc....treatments that the patient can do at home....nutritional...food supplements."

"Moss maintains and sells reports on many different cancers. Rather than getting a custom search, you get a pre-written report (If you have something rare he will, if need be, do a custom report)...reports mainly consist of evaluation of carefully selected therapies" (www.cancerguide.org/search_service.html)

Though I've never seen any of these reports, my impression is that Moss Reports are more comprehensive and objective and that they provide more scientific and research info, whereas CANHELP reports are more individualized, evaluative, and "more pointive and directive," recommending specific practitioners or treatment centers for the particular type of cancer and the particular patient. My impression is that Moss reports include more info on diet and natural supplements. I think CANHELP reports are a little more likely to recommend conventional treatment. Both McGrady and Moss are interviewed in Hess (1999).

If I had cancer and money was not an issue, I would purchase all the above. If I was trying to LEARN about my type of cancer, research on alt. treatments for it, and alt. treatment centers, OBTAIN EXTENSIVE INFO ON WHICH TO BASE my treatment decisions, I'd probably make a Moss Report my 1st priority. If I SIMPLY WANTED TO KNOW WHERE TO GO FOR THE BEST TREATMENT, I'd make a CANHELP Report my 1st priority.

However, my opinions could very easily change in response to actually seeing these reports. Also, anyone w/any additional/contrary info or opinions, please respond.

This information/material was compiled by Leonard (leonardleonard1@cs.com)

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