Biological Immune Response Modulator BIRM

From a letter received from Forest Life Corp., 56-01 Nurge Ave. Maspeth,NY 11378, (718) 366-1150

"Created by an Equadorian Oncologist, Dr. Edwin Cevallos" from research begun in the 1970's looking at plants with medicinal value.

BIRM is a patented mixture that "operates via the immune system, both modulating and balancing it".

The letter discussed presentations by Dr. Cevallos at two international AIDS conferences (Japan 1994 and Vancouver 1996) as well as May 2005 First International Conference for Complementary and Alternative Cancer Treatments.

However there are no studies shown on the website We have written to Mr. Fabricio Bedoya, Vice President of Forest Life Corp. and asked for copies of the studies done and/or reported on. 9/02/06

We await his reply.

BIRM Downregulates Androgen Receptor , Anti-Tumor Action

Orally Active Amazonian Plant (BIRM) inhibits prostate cancer growth & mets

Cancer Chemother Pharmacol, 7/03

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