A special antioxicant, treatment for heart disease, 

diabetes, stroke and cataracts

From an article in the UC Berkeley Wellness Leter, September 1999 (?)

Studies have been small and minimal in terms of human research but this newly rediscovered antioxidant appears to be safe (only reaction known is allergic skin reactions).

It was first noticed in the 1950's, and recognized as an antioxidant in 1988 (Ann's NOTE: but what's the rush?). Leading researcher in the U.S. is Dr. Lester Packer. Alpha -lipoic acid is an antioxidant only with supplementation. It is naturally in the body in small amounts but can circulate and attack free radicals only if you take a supplement. It "helps deactivate a wide array of fat and water-soluble free radicals in many bodily systems".

The Life Extension Foundation is much more enthusiastic about this substance. And it is used to help diabetic neuropathy. I have wondered whether it might be useful in dealing with neuropathy caused by Taxol and taxotere.

Suggestions from Mark Konlee

"Keep Hope Alive" discussing neuropathy/wasting and AIDS patients but may help us, a link

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