Clinic in Santo Domingo may not do the work we want

This group is supposedly using a magnetic field to treat cancer. I have spoken to at least 4 patients who have been there. Current consensus is that this method does not work. I do not know of any clinical evidence they have put forth. It got press and was talked about a lot in the last few years. It is very expensive and in my view, not worth it.

There is scientific evidence that tumors like iron and that iron can be taken up easily. There have been treatments devised that take advantage of this fact. There was a surgeon from Detroit who used a method of heating iron fillings after they went to a tumor. As you may know, cancer cells cannot withstand as much heat as normal cells. This is the basis for some hydrotherapies and hyperthermia.

Ann's NOTE: 8/01 I do not think this clinic has ever shown any real success.

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2/20/03 Reuters Health

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