Node Positive Breast Cancer (Consensus)

Node-Positive Breast Cancer

In node-positive women where the risk of relapse and death is higher, more intensive cytotoxic chemotherapies have been studied. The use of anthracycline-based regimens has led to improved results vs CMF-type regimens in this group of women.[41]

Direct comparisons of an anthracycline-based regimen with classical CMF have shown significant improvement almost exclusively in trials in which the schedule of the anthracycline-based regimen was similar and the regimens were of similar duration to classical CMF.[48,49]

Trials of high-dose chemotherapy with marrow or peripheral blood stem cell support have failed to show improvement of treatment outcome.[33,34,36] Initial enthusiasm for the introduction of taxanes, specifically paclitaxel added to AC in node-positive breast cancer,[31] has waned with further follow-up and presentation of a second trial of similar design and size, suggesting that the addition of paclitaxel after 4 courses of AC may be effective only in patients with endocrine-nonresponsive.


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