New Unexpectedly Good Results

Starting in April 1999 I began taking Chinese herbs under the care of George Wong at the Strang Cancer Prevention Center. He did not charge me for his work, I simply paid for the herbs. I actually went to Chinatown (NYC) and bought the packet he had prescribed (he contacted the herb shops for me).

I have been using this to deal with the tiny tumors that sprang up on the chest wall after a mastectomy. Surgery had not been completely effective since new tumors grew back each time I had them removed.

At this point, October 2, 2000 the tiny tumors are almost completely undetectable (I really can barely locate any of them) AND the surprise effect is that a pad of tissue that existed around the former breast area is now gone. I thought it was simply breast tissue but now that it has disappeared almost completely I think it was a thickened area. And of course thickening is a possible sign of cancer.

I am rejoicing. Another amazing thing, I began using Wobenzyme N (pancreatic enzymes-pancreatin, papain, bromelain, trypsin, chymotrypsin and rutosid). After three days of taking it, I began moving my bowels daily.

This is a very amazing development for a woman who has been constipated since the age of 26.

In 1995 I used enzymes provided as part of the Metabolic Therapy program under the care of Dr. Jack Taylor. I also began doing colonics. At that time I was continuing to develop and locate tumors within the left breast. I did not make the connection that the enzymes were responsible for my daily bowel movements.

Now that it is happening again, I realize the connection. I have continued to do colonics weekly since it has been one of the few consistent ways to empty my colon. But if this keeps up (use of enzymes with such good results), I can certainly cut back. In fact, although I still think colonics can be useful, it has been a month since I have had one.

I am so happy about this development.

Please let me know if the use of enzymes works to reduce your constipation. Thank you.

3/30/01 UPDATE:

I have just been told that I am finished with the herbs at this time. In the last two years I have NOT developed any new tumors. The old set are completely quiescent, not palpable. I feel good, have normal energy and appetite. This is the first time in 5 years that no NEW tumors have developed. With each method I tried, I was able to reduce the existing tumors but new ones continued to appear. Not at this time!

Two years ago I had a chest wall MRI and a bone scan. The MRI showed tumors in the skin and the bone scan was negative. I am classified Stage IV in conventional terms because of chest wall tumors. However, I do not follow conventional therapies or protocols. I feel good and intend to stay that way.

George Wong, the Chinese herbalist I have been working with is a Harvard-trained Ph.D. and a (at least) third generation family-trained herbalist who now works out of the Strang Cancer Prevention Center in NYC.

He recently gave a talk at SHARE in NYC ( a group for women with breast or ovarian cancer) and the summary is under the Meeting Summary section.

4/15/01 Dr. Wong has now suggested I use the herbs 4 days a week. Starting two weeks ago, I went onto this schedule. Things are JUST FINE.

5/18/01 Two tumors on my chest wall. One in the middle of the usual area came back. The other is in a completely NEW spot. It is below where the breast would be, but still within breast tissue. After agonizing for a few days, I saw that it was STILL local recurrence.

Spoke to George Wong (herbalist) and started up again.

Interestingly, these two tumors showed up just two days after my father died. His wife and I had spent 5 days watching over him as he unexpectedly went into a coma. We placed him in hospice for two days until he died at the age of 79. Stress and grief clearly played a role in the development of these tumors.

It was a scary moment too, since my father had specifically stated to me some years before, that I could not die until after he did!!! Uh oh!

9/7/01 I made an appointment with my surgeon back in June but somehow through one thing and another could not get there until next week. So I had an MRI (last one May 1999)to see what was really going on in the chest wall.

GREAT NEWS-the doctor who called to talk about my MRI actually asked me why I had it done. All she could find was a 3 mm spot on the lower area (the 'new' one).

I am well again! (However I am back to going to the bathroom every other day).

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