Natural substances for Sarcoma

I've read that the following can be helpful in healing sarcoma

(The most important items are CAPITALIZED):


KOMBU (sea vegetable)

RHUBARB (in CAN-SSIAC [by Crystal Star] and Essiac)


bovine cartilage-- for Kaposi's sarcoma

aloe (vera)

CHAPARRAL (active ingredient lapachol)-- check with a health practitioner on hazards of this herb before using it; has been effective w/widespread lymphosarcoma; it also relieves pain

poke root (watch for toxicity)

alkalinizing/cesium therapy-- for Ewing's sarcoma; requires medical supervision

urea-- has been effective w/Kaposi's sarcoma of the eye; use only w/medical supervision

Intl. BioCare (IBC) Hospital & Med. Ctr. (formerly Amercan Biologics/Intl. Biologics) Tijuana, Mexico 800-785-0490/800-701-7345 or 52-66-81-31-71 Fax: 52-66-81-64-35 "spectacular results in local if life-threatening sarcomas, rhabdomysocarcomas and simiars" "we do the worst with extensive liver metastases...."


Hufeland Klinik for Holistic Immunotherapy Wolgang Woeppel, MD Bismarckstrasse 16 D-6990 Bad Mergentheim Germany +49-7931-8185 or +49-7931-7082 Ask for Mrs. Gabriele Woeppel or Mrs. Johanna Bankoff Fax: 49 7931/8185 For a patient reports, see

San Diego Clinic (SDC) 011-52-66-82-42-82 or 011-52-66-83-13-98 Tijuana (one block from the US border, adjacent to Europa Clinic) For more info, For further info or to arrange an appointment, contact Vincent Gammill, ScD, ND (858-793-0293 or very economical

Coley's Toxins-- In 1 study of patients w/sarcoma of soft tissue, 49% of inoperable patients survived 4 yrs and 71% of operable patients survived 4 yrs; in another study, 5 out of 5 operable sarcoma patients survived 5 yrs, and 2 out of 7 inoperable sarcoma patients survived 8 yrs) (Diamond et al., 1997, pp. 880, 882;

The best treatment center I know of offering Coley's toxins is Centro Hospitalario del Pacifico S. A. (CHIPSA) Tijuana, Mexico 877-424-4772 call for complimentary video 800-759-2966 619-573-9720

For more info, /options.html Gerson therapy, Issels treatment (which includes whole-body hyperthermia, vaccines, hyperbaric oxygen [HBO], UV blood irradiation, herbs, & dental detox), Coley's toxins, Govallo Embryo Therapy/immuno-placental therapy (IPT), urea/creatine, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, laetrile, DMSO, IV vitamins & electrolytes, bovine cartilage, homeopathy, micronutrients, chemo, radiation

Immuno-Augmentative Therapy (IAT) Ctr (Dr. Burton's treatment) Box F-42689 Freeport, Grand Bahamas 242-352-4755 001-809-352-7455 Fax: 001-809-352-3201

"compiled by Leonard ("

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