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October 2010 UPDATE:

Fred Eichhorn continues to send us updates on people who have had complete recoveries from various cancers. Today.October 20, 2010, an email came about a man with a brain tumor - as follows. "This is an interesting case.

Michael was 42 years old when his mom contacted me November 2009. He is an audio engineer, diagnosed with brain cancer, 1.5 cm tumor.

The doctors wanted to do immediate surgery, told him that he would die if he did not get the surgery, he declined the surgery, took Cellect and felt better almost immediately.

He was able to drive again and work out at the gym again. he was so happy because he had his life back.

In February 2010, the doctors called him and said that they were worried about him, and told him that he needed to be checked. He was feeling fine and had no reason to be concerned.

Upon their consistent pressure, he went for the MRI, the doctors returned in an upsetting manner, told him that the cancer was increased tremendously and it was the size of a grapefruit, and that he was going to die if he did not have immediate surgery. He was so scared.

I told him that it was nonsense because if it were truly the size of a grapefruit, he would be in a coma and not able to communicate. I then said that when a tumor goes necrotic (dead cancer tissue) it shows up as inflammation on PET scans and MRI, that image from the MRI was the additional glucose and magnetism caused by the inflammation, caused from the necrotic tissue, not live cancer, and that the doctor should be ashamed of himself.

The doctor did not want to hear that and simply scared this poor guy into surgery. Told him that it would be a 16 hour surgery and he might lose some vital functions, but t was necessary to stay alive.

The surgery - less than 2 hours - less than a 1 inch incision. The doctors refused to give him the results. They had to wait until August for the updated MRI to get the report.

That report states that the cancer was dead (necrotic) before the surgery, which means that the surgery was totally unnecessary because it was not a live tumor and the body could have broken it down naturally on its own.

Meanwhile, the surgery was done. the latest report indicates that he is stable and that there is no evidence of any problem, more so because it was dead before the surgery took place, therefore, it would be expected that nothing would occur after that point since the tumor was dead.

October 2008 UPDATE:

Ann Fonfa, founder of The Annie Appleseed Project just met Mr. Eichhorn at a health meeting on Long Island, NY. He is very sincere and introduced her to a woman who was treated with Cellect with great results. There is something important here.

Comments from Mr. Fred Eichhorn:

My back ground: I personally had pancreatic cancer in 1976 and was given 8 months to live at that time. Meanwhile, I found that “cancer” is not a disease, instead, it is the body’s response to a nutritional deficiency and that the current treatments are attacking the symptom, otherwise known as the result, instead of addressing the actual cause. So, they remove the evidence of the problem but not the actual problem.

Because they never corrected the cause of the problem, the body continues to make more of those cells and eventually they see more and say, “Gee, it came back” when in actuality it never went away, they only temporarily removed the by product, whether by surgery chemo or radiation. Meanwhile, these procedures simply change the body’s natural biochemistry and biofeedback.

Upon simply correcting the body’s biochemistry, the environment has been changed to a level that is now correct for the normal cells but not conducive to the cancer cells and the cancer cells die off as a result. Sometimes the cancer cells die off at a rate faster than the body can get rid of them, then pus pockets develop until the body does get rid of them.

We have seen them in CAT scans where doctors think that they see a tumor, but when they operate and learn that it was only a pus pocket and they simply vacuum it out.

The Vitamin Program

The vitamin program in its initial form, where you can go to any store to purchase the individual vitamins in any good quality brands, and it will work. The problem that resulted was that some people were not able to take the volume of pills, 150 plus the gelatin and cod liver oil daily for level 4, which was needed for cancer patients, however, it showed great results and reversals. The cost was high and some people got upset stomachs and nausea because of the fillers.

It was difficult for me because I never charged any fees of any kind, so I could not afford to help those who could not afford it.

As a result, I worked on a program to correct those problems. Over the past year, I developed a pure version with no fillers, requiring 40 capsules daily instead of 150, plus the gelatin and cod liver oil and at half the cost to the patient.

From there, I then developed a powder form with 4 different flavors to choose from, each scoop was equal to 10 capsules and on package of gelatin, the cod liver oil was the only thing the person needed to take. Many people felt that was a better way to take it, we get both requests.

Meanwhile, we are not having these vitamins made for the reason to make money, instead, it is an availability for those who find it helpful. We do not care if you go to the store to purchase the store bought vitamins, the important issue is that you understand how they work and how it will benefit you.

If you purchase the one we have made, that is fine, if you go to the store to purchase the others, that is equally fine, as long as you do something to get yourself better. We provide a comparison to show the price savings, yet some people can find the over the counter vitamins for sale prices, and that is fine, just do something so that it works for you.

We will help you 100% regardless of where you purchase the vitamins, our focus is to help you get on your feet again. We cannot give them away for free because we have to pay for them as well and pay for the help to disperse them.

Hopefully this will help you. We will help you in any way that we can, we are available almost all hours, and will return calls if we are busy.

Primary Discussion & Vitamin Program

The Contributory Effects of Applicable Vitamins and their biochemistry in fighting cancer

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