Natural Strategies to Reduce Risk - September 2009

Summary from Your Bosom Buddies II website:

Natural Strategies to Reduce Cancer Risk

"On Sept. 26, 2009, Your Bosom Buddies II hosted a Free Educational Event at Wellington Regional Medical Center.

The topic, Natural Strategies to Reduce Cancer Risk, attracted close to 50 people interested in learning about Lifestyles, Nutrition, Chinese Medicine, Stress Reduction, Exercise, Detox and more.

Speakers for the morning seminar included Ann Fonfa, President of The Annie Appleseed Project, George Love, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Jill Schneider, Director Circle of Life Holistic Programs, and Viana Muller, PhD, Founder, Whole World Botanicals.

Corporate Partners: Maitake Products, Inc, Tishcon, Cris Notti, Whole World Botanicals, Natural Soap Formulas, Ravw Revolution Bars, American Biosciences, Inc, Spa Zen and Kangen Water all participated by giving samples and information on their products in Giveaway bags.

Snacks were provided by Whole Foods Market in Wellington".

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