Natural Source Symposium

Report from Natural Source Symposium, Columbia University, NY

By Ann Fonfa

Natural Source is a company that sells products based on the work of Dr. Mirko Beljanski, a French biochemist and biologist. His work was the study of cell regulation and replication, particularly the role of DNA and RNA in cellular health.

Dr. Beljanski worked on the intimate mechanism of cell replication. He had a particular interest in what happens when the cell escapes normal physiological regulation.

In 1960 he was awarded the Charles Leopold Mayer prize for his work in RNA synthesis at the heart of the multiplication of cells. His work led him to isolate and study several natural substances. He published two books, 133 articles in peer-reviewed journals and held many patents.

His daughter and many who had worked with him are now involved in the company Natural Source International Ltd (France and the United States).

The seminar was held on a very rainy Saturday in October in New York City. Ms. Springer, from the company, spoke about the testing methodology which she said was similar to the pharmaceutical model. However the company does not use multiple labs at this time. They test the products for pesticide residue, heavy metals, aflatoxin and more.

Along with a variety of speakers from France who have been using Beljanski products for years, the audience heard from researchers at Columbia University.

The results of recent pre-clinical research and the clinical trial for Prostabel® now underway at Columbia University were presented. Dr. Debra Bemis, Dr. Aaron Katz and others spoke about their ongoing trials using these products among men with elevated PSAs.

They specifically noted no toxicities, and no negative interaction with cancer drugs - specifically with docetaxel.

Dr. Katz noted that Prostabel® might be an excellent approach to prevention of prostate cancer. In reporting on the current study he noted that of the first 8 patients ho had been seen more than once, all of whom had elevated and rising PSA but no PIN (early sign of future cancer), 5 had reduction of PSA. Three of those five had 25% reduction or more.

The first person off the study after one year had reduced their PSA to 1.1 The biopsy showed no cancer.

James Grutsch, PhD spoke about the use of ReaLBuild® for assistance with chemotherapy - to support the immune system, enhancing production of white blood cells. Patients treated with this product never had their blood levels decrease as low as they had with subsequent chemo infusions.

He suggested that the product needed to be combined with 300 mgs of magnesium, and taken on an empty stomach. Two to three doses per week while under treatment can be reduced to one per week.

There is considerable evidence that prostate cancer is associated with the progressive destabilization of the DNA in prostate cells resulting from interactions with carcinogens and free radicals that occur with age. Dr. Mirko Beljanski, a molecular biologist who worked at the Pasteur Institute in France, was the first to grasp that destabilized DNAs represent cancer cell-specific targets.

He discovered two natural compounds, Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria, that cripple the proliferative capacity of cancer cells by intercalating into the altered structure of their DNA. Prostabel® was created as a balanced formula of these two extracts.

Other Beljanski products include Gingko V. See page below for information from the company.

The speakers from France were practitioners from many disciplines. They have been using the Beljanski products for many years. Each described various uses by their patients - these were anecdotal. But they were describing their "Best Cases" which is a usual practice among physicians and medical people.

Anti-prostate ca activity of extract of Rauwolfia vomitoria.

Intl J Oncol, 11/06

Gingko V - a Beljanski Product


Pao V "FM"®, a Belajanski Product


Rovol V®, a Beljanski Product


ReaLBuild®, a Beljanski Product


Studying the Role of DNA Fragments

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