Multiple Myeloma

February 2011 Comment by Mike Katz, Advocate

"In multiple myeloma, with the help of a very talented investigator, the ECOG patient reps were able to advocate for a trial to confirm positive anecdotal experience with lowering doses of dexamethasone, which was for decades given in very high doses that had very difficult side-effects, both short- and long-term. The trial, E4A03, tested low dose vs high dose in combination with lenalidamide and was halted prematurely because of markedly superior survival in the low dose arm. The result changed the standard of care in many regimens that used similar dosing".

Details can be seen on a video by the investigator at

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

December 26th, 2002

Excerpted from Mr. Bolen

December 12th, 2002 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, in a book review by James Spencer Malpas, M.D., D.Phil. St. Bartholomew's Hospital London EC1A 7BE, United Kingdom:

You can find the article in the Journal at

Quote #1 - "He found the evidence in favor of conventional treatment unconvincing and opted for such alternative therapies as Gerson therapy with its strict diet, vitamins, and enemas. High-dose vitamin C and high-dose vitamin D, both contraindicated in the orthodox treatment of multiple myeloma, were later added to the regimen. What is evident is that this was the right therapy for him."

Quote #2 - "The irony of the whole situation is that a recent randomized trial of treatment for stage 1 multiple myeloma by Riccardi and colleagues (British Journal of Cancer 2000;82:1254-60) showed no advantage of conventional chemotherapy over no treatment."

Source: Tim Bolen, Consumer Advocate (Ann's NOTE: Mr. Bolen's writings, which I consider 'over the top' and have told him several times - but free speech - can be found

He quotes the NEJM article correctly (we checked).

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