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1/04 Cancer cuts across all ages, all religions, all ethnicities, all socio-economic status. It occurs in all countries too.

BUT in the United States, it is becoming more clear that the less access to health insurance and healthcare providers, the later stage your cancer is discoved and the worse the prognosis. We have just posted a study from The American Journal of Surgery discussing this very issue. Take a look at "Indigent Breast Ca Pts: More Advanced Disease".

Not that this concept can come as a surprise to anyone.


Take a look at research already done by checking out the material here. Some are links, some will be relevant studies.

Please keep in mind that much of cancer is experienced similarly by all ethnic groups. There may be differences in incidence but once you have cancer, it is probably experienced (within your body at least) like most others.

Ann Fonfa: I am reminded of a statement made by a Japanese-American woman health activist. She stood up at a meeting and said that mammography machines were not made for Japanese-American women. She said that the trays were too high and too big for short women with small breasts.

I answered her by stating that NO woman feels that mammography is right for her. I used to have big breasts (D cup) and I couldn't fit easily onto the flat glass tray. In fact all women's breasts are soft, round tissue and current mammography techniques require squashing the breast between two glass plates.

If you are in a wheelchair, you need special accomodations too. Possibly even have to go to a specific location only. So while there are ethnic differences, most of the cancer screening experience like the cancer experience, is really lousy for all of us. The good parts are meeting other people and getting support.

National Cancer Institute

LINK to information for specific ethnic groups

Issues/Services:Differently-Abled Women/Men

Description of services and a link to their website

Breast Carcinoma Treatment For Women w/Disabilities
Treatment for Women w/disabilities compared to w/o
Healthcare Utilization & Women w/Physical Disabilities
Identifying Factors Assoc w/Disability-NONE IDEN TIFIED!
Deaf Women & Other Health Challenges
Osteoporosis in Women w/Disabilities
Intellectual Disabilities and Cancer Information
Physical activity & nutritional behaviors of women w/physical disabilities:
National Action Plan on Breast Cancer

LINK to report from a multicultural workshop for breast cancer

Studies  (not U.S./UK or Canadian)

Many countries, many issues all on a continuum

Breast Cancer:Factors in Bamako (Mali)
2nd Philippine Conference on Breast Cancer
Australia has a National Hotline
Mexico, Later Diagnosis/Earlier Age
Familial Breast Cancer in Egypt
Psychosocial Support in the Ukraine (Bca)
Survival of French Women
Patient Delay & Stage of Diagnosis: Germany
Smoking Issues
Nepalese Bca Repro Factors & Japanese
IMMIGRANTS to Sweden:Cancer Risk Changes
Vitamin D Receptor Gene Problem:Taiwanese
Argentina:Valoricemos la Vida
Reactions of Israeli Husbands/Wives/Partners
Incidence-Hong Kong:Westernization?
Food Groups/Colon Cancer In Singapore Chinese
Bca Pts in Beirut, Lebanon
Argan Oil in Morocco-Cancer Chemoprevention
Female Cancer, Dietary Practices Worldwide
Cancer Pain Assessment Tool in Korea; Validation
Nutrititive Value of Wild Edible Fruits/Berries/Nuts/Roots/Spices
Lesbians: Cancer Issues (Some LGBT Broader Issues)

What are they, how to address them

Health Links for LGBT Community
For Religious LGBT Youth - Message from Bishop Gene Robinson
LGBT Advisory Council for Susan G. Komen for the Cure
The Mautner Project
One woman's short story
Quality of Life and Coping study
Lesbian-sensitive health clinics:Scotland
Cancer Institute of New Jersey
At Greater Risk for Some Cancers?
Rainbow Circle & Outreach
Discussion on Lesbians with Breast Cancer
Book Review:Coming Out of Cancer
National Coalition for LGBT Health
Gay & Lesbian Elders: Health Discrimination
Polycystic Ovarian Syndr: Lesbians
Healthcare from a Chicana Lesbian's Point of View
"Dinosaur Doc" Play about Unenlightened doctor,lesbian pts
Obits of Prominent Lesbians Dead of Cancer
Joint Statement: AMA & GLMA: LGBT Issues to be included
Transgender Issues
Simple Things a Practitioner Can Do ( make LGBT more welcome)
"Taking Inventory" - from a weekly breast cancer support group
Focus on Lesbian Health
Survey - Bisexual Women in Poorest Health
Underestimation of Relative Risks Standardized Incidence Ratios AIDS-Related Ca
Global Perspective (mostly BCa)

Developing/Developed nations-speakers give information, original conference statements, June 1997

Breast Cancer in the Philippines
East Malaysia and Breast Cancer
Germline BRCA1 Mutations in Iranian Women with Bca
Europa Donna 2004 Information
Nat Awareness Campaign: Pakistan
World Cancer Congress 2006 Declaration
Info Needs Assess Korean Women - Internet
Communication from Cameroon
Communication from Cameroon
Informacion En Espanol - Prevenir es mejor que lamentar

reprint from BCSnetwork Gracias

Sentinelas de los Nódulos Linfáticos
National Council for La Raza Institute for Hispanic Health
Como Leer O Escuchar Noticias Cientificas
Aviso Al Consumidor:Herbarios
Investigación en el cancer de seno -Brownsville, TX
ÍExamine mi colon!
Office of Minority Health Res Ctr

LINK to breast cancer resources for Native American women

Indigent Breast Ca Pts: More Advanced Disease

Am J Surgery, 10/03

Lifestyle influence/damage P53 gene (tumor suppressor)
Rates of Cancer Worlwide:North America Leads

Intl J Cancer,1/02

International Trends in Cancer
Unmarried Women Feel Misunderstood:Straight or Gay!

Cancer Screening Project for Women Contact:

Endometrial Cancer

Genetic factors may make a difference in black/white women 2/7/00

African American Women Have Worse Endometrial CA Profiles
Cancer Experts: Racial/Ethnic  Differences

American Samoans, native Hawaiians, African Americans, Appalachians, Native Americans, Asians, and Latinos

Race-Specific Breast Cancer Rates Announced
Survival Differences by Ethnicity/Race
Lower Survival Among Native Am Study Population
Ethnicity in Patterns/Presentation Gastric Adenocarcinoma
Ethnic Differences w/in US Pop

Risk, incidence may be different

Latinas/Latinos Issues
Samoan Women in Hawaii
Issues for Asian-Americans
Breast & Cervical Ca Screening in Chinese-American Women
Bca in Multi-ethnic Cohort in Hawaii/LA
Cross-Cultural:Perception Partner Support
Differences:Stage, Treatment, Survival
QOL and Cultural Differences: US and Canada
Mammographic Patterns: Alaskan Native Women
Evolution of Breast Health Program:Plains Indians
Breast Cancer Screening : Cambodian-American Women
Older Blacks Want Aggressive Treatment

More likely than caucasians but less likely to prepare living will Study in Journal of Am Geriatrics 6/2000

BorstKanker Netherlands

LINK to Dutch site on breast cancer


Articles and LINKS

Canadian Cancer Resources
World Conference on Breast Cancer
Cochrane Collaboration: Evidence-based Healthcare
Minorities in Clinical Trials

Ann Epidemiol, 2000

Asian Americans in Clinical Cancer Trials
Minority Recruitment in Prostate Ca Prevention Trial
Recruit Am Indians/Alaska Natives:Clin Trials
Clin Trial Participation:Racial/Ethnic Groups
The Minority Health Site

Link to patient-driven site, many health issues

Soft Tissue Sarcoma People

LINK to European org, info, resources, patient stories

Limited Access:Healthy Foods

Am J Preventive Med, 1/02

Cancer Prevention in Small Business Workers
Vitamins A, C, Calcium, fruit/dairy LIMITED in Food Pantries
The Organic Revolution
Info/Articles from/about UK

Links and articles of interest to those in the UK

CAM Use in the UK
Differences in Nicotine Metabolism

JNCI, 1/02

Dutch & Pharma Ads/Mktg

Press Release Health Action Int'l 6/19/02

News Delivery Varies by Country

J Clin Oncology, 5/02

World Health Org Handbook for Countries/Cancer
Cancer Stigma:Developing World

Pakistani Physician reports Euro Soc Med Onc, 10/02

Ca Therapies NOT Useful 4 Most of World
Rads, Ca Mortality: A-Bomb Survivors

AACR Abstract #6394, 2003

Europa Donna

LINK to Euro org for those with Breast Cancer

Self-reported Stress:Swedish Cohort

Euro J Ca Prev, 10/03

Breast Cancer among Haitian-Am Women

EMG Health Communications, Inc. for Haitian-American Women

Diversity and Cancer Screenings
Nourriture & Vitamine

LINK en francaise

Greece - Battle for Life (Children)

LINK to site in Greece (English/Greek)

India - Traditional Medicines, Clinics, Programs

Links, Articles Information

The Indian Scene (East India)
Role of Yoga & Nutrition in Cancer Management
Indian subsidiary of Monsanto & GM Eggplant
Female Cancer Pattern in Northern part of Kerala, India
South Asian Cochrane Network Workshop
Ayush Tomorrow - Quarterly Journal, Multi-disciplinary
Organic Agriculture Urged for India
Cochrane Library AVAILABLE in India
Leukemia Treatment from Cochin India
Nutrition in India: Facts and Interpretations
SVYASA project to stop diabetes mellitus through Yoga (INDIA)
Bt Brinjal Harmful
India: Clinics and local resources
MyCC - exploring options together

LINK to site maintained out of Thailand concerning alternatives for cancer

A Guide to Healthcare System Models Around the World

Written by Madeline Tress, October 2006

Healthcare Perspectives from China, 2006
Healthcare in Germany
Issues, Articles Links from Pakistan

Posted August 2006

Women's Empowerment Group WEG
The Missing Factor (Pakistan)
Cancer Herbal Medicine - clinic in Pakistan
Dharmais National Cancer Center

LINK to Indonesia Cancer Center

Chinese Page - articles in Chinese

Variety of articles and links, more to come

Japan - What is going on in Integrative Oncology?

Various articles, and information from Ann's trip in July 2010

Support Group for Women in Japan
Comparison Post-Mastectomy RTX: USA & Japan
Intake of Animal Protein/Japanese Men
Diet & Lung Cancer:Fish
Do young women need breast cancer checks?
Clinics in Japan
Diversity RX

LINK: "The purpose of DiversityRx is to improve the accessibility & quality of health care for minority, immigrant, & indigenous communities. We support those who develop & provide health services that are responsive to the cultural & linguistic differences presented by diverse populations".

Nabel Tammam Clinic

LINK: Clinic in Bahrain

"Having been a survivor of NHL myself, I feel dedicated to raising awareness of different types of illnesses by providing patients, parents of patients, professional colleagues & anyone interested, with detailed information on our private practice. This includes our professional credentials, scope of practice, high quality information on ENT medical subjects, as well as other medical topics through online medical educational material."

Cancer in Africa

Variety of articles and Links

Sudanese Bca Patients & BRCA2/p53
Breast Cancer Findings - African Women (2005)
Princess Nikky Breast Cancer Foundation
Uganda: Breast Cancer On the Rise
Male Breast Cancer - West Africa
Communication from Cameroon
Uganda Women's Cancer Support Org
Gnetum africanum: An African Wild Food Plant
Blog article in UKRANIAN language

LINK: Translated by Martha Ruszkowski, September 2011

Remember we are NOT Doctors and have NO medical training.

This site is like an Encyclopedia - there are many pages, many links on many topics.

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