Methylsulfonylmethane Also Known As


Ann was recently speaking to Basil Gold, a television producer from California and Nevada. His programs are about alternative medicine. He told me that MSM is very well regarded. He handed me some information. I then searched the web.

Observations at the Oregon Health Sciences University have noted that MSM helps alleviate the allergic response to pollen and foods.

It may control hyperacidity (instead of antacids and histamine receptor antagonists. It may have some efficacy against arthritis.

It may help with chronic constipation (one of Ann's BIG TIME problems even with a primarily vegetarian diet). Levels indicated 100-500 mg of MSM orally.

Apparently it may help with snoring problems. (human subjects)

It may be effective in dealing with Lupus.

Importantly, research at Ohio State University College of Medicine has shown that oral MSM can protect rats against the onset of breast cancer. Tumors developed later and were malignant later.

Colon cancer was also delayed in rats.

Apparently toxicity is not an issue, although caution should always be used with a new substance. Start with a small amount and work up to the suggested level.

This information was taken from The Longevity Connection written by Stanley Jacobs, MD Oregon Health Sciences University.

Take a look at the website below for more information.

Ann's NOTE: I just ordered this stuff and am going to try it for constipation. If it resolves some breast cancer issues, well that would be swell.

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