Mongolian Traditional Medicine

5/08 We recently received an email from the Mongolian Integral Health System with the link shown below.

From the email: "The main competence area of our services are chronic diseases -critical, rare, undiagnosed and other pronounced as cureless or unsuccesful by any other health systems, models and plans covering whole range of disease sympthom and patalogy pattern". represents the theoretical basis taking the mind-matter relationship in detailed phenomenon and dynamic variables rule.

- considers the principle of relative physiology allowing to consider the practical cases without any exceptions and eliminates the arising of ietrogenic diseases.

- excludes the idea of cureless in sense of disease symptom type only overstepped cases to be cured

- promises high treatment results for all types of chronic disease, including cancer, diabetes, stroke and all other critical, rare and undiagnosed chronic diseases.

- possess potential capability to discover illnesses in hidden stages much earlier than it can be diagnosed by modern technics or symphtoms are occured

Mongolian Traditional Medicine - "one of the oldest Asian complementary medical system".

Mongolian Integral Health System

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