Information on lots more alternative treatments

There are many possibilities. Here are more to look into. We do not yet know what works for each individual. Sometimes choices can be made by:

1) How the treatment fits your lifestyle 2) How easily the treatment can be done 3)Assessing how much you are willing to change in your life 4)It feels right-intuition is an unexplored area in human behavior, but it is probably very valuable

We have begun to think about the effectiveness of the drugs we have to fight cancer. We have heard many conference speakers refer to the small increments of success. Each new drug takes us only a little further on the road to helping people with cancer.

Our studies and treatments are based on large groups NOT individuals. Something is wrong.

What should be done? We propose that researchers spend time trying to discover how to tell the difference between the population of people who will benefit, from the people who cannot. Of course, one barrier to this information is who is going to pay for it? No drug company would be interested in reducing their market share by 70%. We, as patients need to keep in mind that fighting cancer is a big business. It is in our best interests to discover the differences between the groups, those who do benefit and those who do not.

Check out this new film on alternative treatments - this is the trailer: Opens as new page to the FILM TRAILER

As always, we recommend that we ask NCI (possibly through our Congressional representatives) to support research into the areas outlined above as well as the exploration of natural, non-toxic "alternatives" to current conventional therapies. We need government supported research when there is no financial gain expected.

There are currently books on the market discussing the value of nutrition, supplements and vitamins in preventing cancer. They are an important adjunct to any cancer patient’s recovery as we want to prevent more cancer. We encourage the use of organic foods, juicing, detoxification and vitamins/supplements. Studies show they are effective and relatively safe. Find out for yourself by reading Dr. Mitchell Gaynor’s Cancer Prevention Book; The Strang Cancer Center Cookbook; Dr. Charles Simone's Cancer and Nutrition; and Patrick Quillan's Beating Cancer With Nutrition. There are more good ones.

It’s not our only defense but it cannot hurt to explore the natural, non-toxic whole substances area. Eat fruits and vegetables. Consider a diet low in fat (olive oil and flax seed oil are good), low in salt, high in fiber. It’s good for you heart and can help hypertension and diabetes too. As with treatment this information is based on a combination of epidemiological studies and animal, in vitro and a few in vivo studies.

Encourage human studies in this area.

Various Patients' Protocols

One woman with tumors in her leg/pelvic/lung

Judy's protocol
Linda's protocol
My New Life by Mary Pat Palmer-Taylor
Luana's Protocol
Raw and Living Foods

Information and resources, chat groups

Controlled Amino Acid Therapy

Can be done at home with dietary modifications

TIBETAN Medicine

Information and resources

Phase 1 Trial of Tibetan Medicine for Advanced Bca
Studies of Herbs/Breast Cancer
Padma-28 Tibetan Herbal Prep Inhibits Inflammatory Cytokines

A description of ND's and what they do

Bastyr University conducts study
NATIONAL Cancer Research Foundation - Cellect

Comments from Fred Eichorn, 4/03

Joe with Lung Sarcoma - November 2005
Story of Mark with Pancreatic Ca and Liver Mets

Being studied in Norway in 1998-99

Vitae Elixxir

Laboratory-formulated herbal extract

Rhodiola Rosea

Possible potent antioxidant and an adaptogen

D'Adamo-Blood Type & Treatment

Information and a link

Profile of Marilyn Holasek Lloyd-from D'Adamo site
Biotype Diets System®: Blood types and food allergies
Anvirzel-an Herbal Extract - Oleander

Press release, abstract and more

Cytotoxic Effect of Nerium Oleander Extract
Anvirzel-U.S. Patent #5,135,745
Oleander-based Compound
Cesium Chloride

Discussion from Life Science Univ. Med Ctr. Wash, D.C.

Source for Cesium Chloride
Univ of Washington Implants Cesium-131 Brachytherapy Seeds
Survey:Cesium Chloride USE - Contact if you USE this substance
Ken Schueler Provides Studies of ADVERSE Effects
Nutrients and cancer: an introduction to cesium therapy
Govallo VG 1000

Information and a link to Dr. Govallo's site

Methyglyoxal from India

Hindustan Times Hyderabaad, 5/01

Nutritional Therapy Trust (UK)

Louise offers a 'patient' perspective

Cancell®/Cantron/Protocel® /Entelev®

Information and LINKS

Protocel® and Cancer - an ebooklet
Info on Cancell®
Communication on Entelev®/Cantron from Gary Godin
Czech Therapy - 'Devitalisation'

Report from Prague

Low-dose Naltrexone

News release

Cancer Salves

LINK to site for salve info, books, chats, etc.


Sorry,lost the reference for this article, more to come

Smells Emit Protective Antioxidants
Inhalation Aromatherapy During Radition
Balm of Gilead (Black Salve)/Salves

Information on how to use this substance

Email from a user of black salve
Black Salve Cautionary Tale from Gabi
Email from DA
Update on Black Salve from Rick at Black Salve
Cytorex Company

LINK to site, mfgs of Cytoreg. Someone just sent this to us 2/03. Not yet tested in humans, but some case studies.


Information and a LINK


Anne Caputi, patient/advocate (now deceased) AND other sources

Linda Kellett's Story of Gravizon, Essiac, Juices
Graviola Fruit Extract Downregulates EGFR Expression
Polyerga Plus

Email discussion and LINK

Color Therapy

Information and links

The work of David Gregg, PhD

LINK to cancer theory and information from D.G.

Metab Oncol/Effecting Lysis:Solid Tumors, 8/03

Poly MVA

Ralph Moss Viewpoint & More

A Husband Speaks on Poly MVA
Some information from Amarc Enterprises
Clinical Trial of Poly MVA in Human Subjects
Advanced Medicine & Research Information Ctr
Bonnie Johnson's story of Integrative Therapies
If you decide to hold off surgery

some info and links

Immune Medicine

LINK to info on dendritic cell therapy


Desmond R. Layne, Purdue Univ Ctr for New Crops and Plant Products

Paw Paw Fruit Against Cancer
Alternative Cancer Treatments Comparison

LINK to web site that offers side-by-side comparisons of 12 of the most recognizable alternative cancer treatments, ten of which are planned based. Ordering information and directions

Settlement on Springer Vaccine Lawsuit

New York Times, 10/31/04

A View of Springer's Work
Coalition for the Vaccine Terminates
Defending Against Cancer: Enzymes/Nitriloside

Mauris Emeka, Author "Cancer's Best Medicine", "Fear Cancer No MOre"

Unlocking the Cancer Mystery - May 2005 article
Matthias Rath, MD Talk

Town Hall, NYC May 11, 2002

Amino Acids by Theresa Smith
Linus Pauling and Vitamin C
Indirect Ways to Inhibit Cancer Spread
In vivo (Nude Mice) Ascorbic Acid, Lysine, Proline, Green Tea
Lysine, Proline, Arginine, Vit C, ECGC
Natural Control of Metastasis
Transfer Factor

Information and links

Increased Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha & Natural Killer cells
Cancer Monthly

LINK "Cancer Monthly provides cancer patients with the results of hundreds of therapies for advanced and metastatic cancers so that patients can compare treatments, have more meaningful discussions with their doctors, and ultimately, make more informed treatment decisions"

AVE Ultra- Fermented Wheat Product

Avemar, product, links, studies

Wheat Germ Extract Inhibits Colon Carcinogenesis
Avemar increased Effect of Tamoxifen on MCF7 (ER+) Cells
Beetroot Therapy: Dr. A. Fenenci, MD

Book "Fighting Cancer: A Survival Guide:

Prevent & Survive Bca w/Iodine

Information from David M. Derry, MD, PhD

Iodine Deficiency article by Robert Sarver
Ctr for Holistic Urology (Columbia Univ) & Beljanski

Integrative Oncology  - Angiogenesis

LINK to info: "Begin taking angiogenesis inhibitors that can be found over the counter. Green Tea, Curcumin , Genistein (found in soy isoflavones), NAC (n-acetyl-l-cysteine) have all been found to have anti-angiogenic properties".

Biological Immune Response Modulator BIRM

Letter received, information requested 9/06

BIRM Downregulates Androgen Receptor , Anti-Tumor Action
Orally Active Amazonian Plant (BIRM) inhibits prostate cancer growth & mets
William F. Koch, MD

LINK to website with publications, theories and more

Ruta 6  Ruta graveolens

Int J Oncology 10/03

Ruta graveolens & calcium phosphate for Intracranial cysticercosis
Galavit - Refined Monosdoium - Luminol

J Virology, 6/06

Ralph Moss' Report: Galavit
Essiac Tea

Herbal tea, links and information

Preclinical analyses of Essiac, herbal anticancer agent
An Australian Speaks about Essiac Tea
Flor-Essence & Mammary Tumor Development-mice
From National Cancer Institute website
From BC Agency on Flor Essence
How Essiac Tea May Affect Tumor Development
Noni Juice

articles, links

Synergistic Effect: Tahitian Noni Juice & MSM-Breast Ca
Preventive Effect of Morinda citrifolia (Noni)
Mineral variability among 177 commercial noni juices
Townsend Letter

LINK to forum for entire alternative medicine community, presenting scientific information

Sodium Bicarbonate  Cancer Therapy/Simoncini

Variety of articles, links, etc.

Sdm Bicarb Prevents Contrast-induced Nephropathy
Oral Rinse Detects Marrow Transplant Effectiveness
Dr. Jonathan Campbell, Health Consultant

LINK to Boston, MA practitioner "The Natural Cancer Therapy is a complete, safe, non-toxic cancer therapy, based on the research of Dr. Matthias Rath, Dr. Hugh Riordan, & others. It can be used instead of standard oncological cancer therapy. This therapy has been shown to reverse cancer, inhibit cancer spread & metastases & enhance health. Taken after standard oncology therapy, the regimen helps to rebuild & maintain the immune system & prevent metastases. It is non-toxic and has no adverse side effects".

Lothar Hirneise, Author, cancer explorer

LINK to Hirneise's site, in English although he now lives and works in Germany.

The Breuss Cancer Cure

Inspired by Kathi in Greece, July 2008

Patient comment on Breuss Cure
Sage Decoction and Renal Infusion - Breuss Cure
ATP Cell Food and Dr. Shu - China

Original in Chinese, translated by blogger

HyperImmune Egg aka i26

Immune support, May 2010

Cancer as a metabolic disease

J Nutrition & Metabolism 2010

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