"I don't what to tell you to do, but I thought that by

letting you know how it happened for me that it might help"

Cancer is an immune system disease. My immune system could not kill the cancer cells which ganged together and formed a tumour. I was losing the battle.

My dx was stage lV with mets on the bones. I was given, on an average, two and a half years to live. I was dx in October of '97. I am now NED. and I have been since April '98.

When the tumour was removed I started taking Tamoxifen (I'm post menopausal) plus a whole regimen of supplements and vitamins and of course changed my diet. I'm following Dr. D'Adamo's diet for (blood) type "A".

I think that if you give your immune system a chance it will get rid of the "rest" of the cancer in your body. I strongly believe that this is the way it happened for me....with the help of everything else of course.

Essiac. I take FlorEssence which has the same four basic herbs plus four more. It's less expensive than Essiac and it seems to work for me. I believe that it's partly responsible for my being NED and my general well being. In the States I believe it sells for about $26.00. The package has 3 envelopes and you drink 4 ounces a day. Two in the morning between meals and 2 at night. Each envelope is made with 40 onces of water. After boiling there is about 32 ounces left. It lasts about a week. I make two envelopes at the time.

This is what I take now(7/00). I switch products from time to time. I am followed by a naturopath.

Tamoxifen 20 mg/day Clodronate - 1600 mg

Whey Proteins Isolate - 10 g (taken in organic yogourt) Vitamin E - 400 IU Ester- C - 500 mg Colon Care - 2/day (fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium & selenium) Electro-Vita-Min - 2/day (vitamins, minerals & enzymes) CoQ10 - 60 mg 1/day Flaxseed oil 1000 mg Flaxseed grinded (in my salad - 5/week) Milk Thistle - Green tea BrocoZym (Broccoli Sprouts) Garlic Beyond Grape Seed Helix Plus Astragalus or Echinacea and Dophilus Plus when fighting any kind of infection.

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