Studies in Mice/Rats Show Reduction of Metastases

There have been several impressive studies of Modified Citrus Pectin, a product available at health food stores.

This is in powder form and is taken with juice or water several times daily. Unfortunately, expensive at about $100 a month. If reimbursed by insurance, it would be a relatively cheap drug.

What it is supposed to do: It acts as an anti-adhesive and prevents tumor cells from spreading. A recent study showed that a 1% solution halted the spread of prostate cancer tumor cells in 90% of subjects tested. It is not harsh on the immune system either.

Modified Citrus Pectin Increases PSA Doubling Time

Prostate Ca & Prostatic Dis, 12/03

Mod Citrus Pectin: Prevention/Treatment

Source: Website of Isaac Eliaz, MD, L. Ac

Patent Assigned for Prevent/Treat Heavy Metal Poisons

Press Release: EcoNugenics

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