Minority Recruitment in Prostate Ca Prevention Trial

Minority Recruitment in Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial

Moinpour CM, Atkinson JO, Thomas SM, et al. Ann Epidemiol 2000;10:S85-S91

Purpose: African American men have a higher prostate cancer risk profile than that of other men in the United States. The purpose of this manuscript is to summarize the challenges associated with enrolling and randomizing African American and other minority participants in the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT).

Methods: The PCPT is a randomized trial of finasteride versus placebo for preventing prostate cancer in healthy men age 55 years and older; it is coordinated by the Southwest Oncology Group. The manuscript describes demographic and lifestyle characteristics of the PCPT randomized sample (18,882 men) by four racial and ethnic groups (Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, and other). African American men comprised 4% of the total randomized sample compared to our goal of 8%.

Minority recruitment was emphasized through the Study Manual and training that occurred at trial activation. Supplemental minority recruitment activities were initiated a year after study activation and continued through the end of the accrual period. Minority recruitment was emphasized as follows: minority recruitment presentations at PCPT training seminars (held during twice yearly Southwest Oncology Group meetings); distribution of additional minority recruitment materials; engagement of four consultants for minority recruitment; production of a Minority Recruitment Manual; and a small pilot study involving minority outreach recruiters at five PCPT sites.

Results: The consultants were helpful in implementing the pilot project and in suggesting and reviewing materials for minority recruitment. The five-site pilot project did not increase either enrollment or randomization of minorities (with a possible exception at one site).

Conclusions: We suggest that a long-term perspective is required for successful recruitment of minority participants in clinical trials. Likewise, extensive minority recruitment efforts must be ready to implement at trial activation.

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