Micro Mets May NOT Need Full Dissection

Sentinel Lymph Node Vital In Determining Need For Complete Dissection [06/18/2001; Doctor's Guide]

Characteristics of the sentinel lymph node can provide information to help determine the need for complete axillary lymph node dissection in invasive breast cancer.

"Complete lymph node dissection may not be necessary in patients with micro-metastases detected initially by cytokeratin staining," say researchers from the University of South Florida at Tampa.

They report that in cases detected by cytokeratin staining, cancer is confined to the sentinel lymph node 92.4 percent of the time.

"Variables such as the size of the primary tumor, the volume of disease in the sentinel lymph node and the method of detection of micro-metastases can predict further involvement of neighbouring non-sentinel lymph nodes," investigators point out.

"Sentinel lymph node biopsy is an accurate method for nodal staging in patients with breast cancer, and when combined with detailed histologic examination of the sentinel lymph node, a sub-group of patients who may not require complete lymph node dissection can be identified."

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