Mediton Media - Clinic and Training Center in Moscow

Address: Moscow, Nagatinskaya str., 9 b. 1

tel.: 111-90-03, 178-79-78 fax: 111-90-03.


The Company "Mediton-Media" is led by professional managers, having extensive work experience in state, government and scientific institutions. The company's goals and activity are in the progressive high-tech treatment modalities of oncology and medicine:

Photodynamic therapy Cytoluminescent therapy

Following the best traditions of the Soviet Union we are ready and committed to scientific and technical cooperation.

To transmit and develop advanced medical technologies together.

To educate doctors in innovative technologies.

To make consultations and treatment available.

To produce and supply the necessary equipment and drugs of the new generation of Russian technology, which leads the field of innovative scientific world discoveries.

To form co-operative alliances for future developments To generate together new high-tech procedures and devices and medical techniques currently unavailable.

Remember we are NOT Doctors and have NO medical training.

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