Media's & Human Subject Participation

ABSTRACT: Study of the Media's Potential Influence on Prospective Research Participants' Understanding of and Motivations for Participation in a High-Profile Phase I Trial

PURPOSE: To describe prospective participants' initial source of information about, understanding of, and motivation to participate in a phase I clinical trial of the antiangiogenesis agent human recombinant endostatin.

CONCLUSION: Media coverage prompted prospective participants to contact their physicians but did not seem to hinder understanding nor could it be shown to heighten their hope for personal benefit.

[09/13/2002; Journal of Clinical Oncology]

Institute of Medicine Report

LINK to Human Subject Protection information

Comparison Outcomes: In Trials versus Outside

Lancet, 1/04

Use of Federal Prisoners in Clinical Trials?

Excerpt New York Times article, August 13, 2006

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