MB Speaks about Her Experiences

Here is what MB said in February, 2004:

I began to have the AMAS test done after being diagnosed with colon cancer. It was elevated for a number of months but gradually came down to normal levels.

When my husband began to have symptoms which pointed to possible prostate cancer including an elevated PSA, I encouraged him to do the AMAS. He had two done both of which were elevated.

He subsequently had a PET scan, CAT scan, and a biopsy of the prostate gland. The CAT scan was positive, and ended up costing a great deal more than the AMAS Test, while the other two were negative. No cancer has been discovered in over two years.

I continued to have AMAS tests done to monitor my colon cancer about three times a year. All recent tests were in the normal range.

Needless to say, I was quite shocked to find that a lump that I discovered in my left breast was malignant when my AMAS test were still in the normal range. When this test is described as not being 100% accurate, BELIEVE IT.

My husband had a false positive, and I had a false negative. I do wonder how many others may be relying upon this test alone.

My message would be to be cautious about using any one test to determine the presence or absence of cancer.

By the way, neither my two ultrasounds nor the breast MRI indicated a malignancy in my left breast. The biopsy was the only way that cancer was determined.

The AMAS like the other more expensive tests was not accurate. Too many rely on mammograms and other tests which can be wrong.

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